Giving Precious Metals as a Gift (collaborative post)

disclosure:  this is a collaborative post

We’re well into autumn now and for most of us, thoughts are turning to Christmas and also to what we’re going to give our loved ones this year. If you’re searching for a gift with a bit more meaning than most, or for a gift that offers long-term security, then you might be ready to think about precious metals.

The elements of a perfect gift

Anyone can go out and buy some novelty socks and while this might raise a laugh and be appreciated, the impact and usefulness of the socks is somewhat short-lived. What makes a present really perfect is the three essential elements of generosity, personal insight and emotional impact; precious metals, especially gold and silver, have all three.

The generosity

If you’re buying gold or silver, the generosity goes without saying! It’s gold, after all! This metal is in finite supply in the world, which is why it’s valuable. It also carries a serious “wow!” factor when the recipient claps
eyes on it, so head to Golden Eagle Coins for some inspiration and ideas.

Giving Precious Metals as a Gift

The insight

The insight here is the investment into the future for the person. It says that you want them to be wealthy later in life, or to be able to go to college or to afford their first home. If you give the precious metals to a child or even a baby, then that gift has quite a few years to gain value so that by the time university rolls around, the funds are there!

The emotional impact

Shiny precious metals have an amazing effect on people, especially if they come in the form of a special series coin that means something to the recipient. Even if it’s just a plain ingot or bar, there’ll still be a palpable reaction as it’s a huge gesture.

As well as these big three elements, there’s lots of other reasons to buy gold or silver for your loved ones this year.

Precious metals are a pragmatic choice

Your loved one can hold onto the metals for as long as they want, letting them rise in value. Alternatively, they can sell them when they need to release funds for a car, or a house deposit, or for tuition fees.

Metals are pretty much a certainty

You’ll never lose money with precious metals – they always rise over time. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find someone who won’t like them as a gift; they’re ideal for that person who already has everything.

Precious metals make a statement

If you give bullion to your children, or to employees or close friends, you’re telling them that you see them as being valuable to you. You’re investing in them and you hope your relationship will be as long-lasting as
the metals.

You don’t have to stick to just gold and silver when you give precious metals as gifts, of course. While they’re the most popular, gold and silver aren’t the only metals in town – there’s platinum, rhodium and even copper to think about. All of these metals hold their value and in most cases they appreciate, so they make an ideal present.

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