Who Did It? #BoardGameClub (sent for review)

We’ve been having fun with a new game recently, and as my son loves anything that relates to bodily functions (he’s a boy what can I say!) it’d been a big hit.  We were sent Who Did It? by Asmodee UK as part of the Blogger Board Game Club and this is perfect for quick fire family fun.

Who Did It?

Who Did It? is a card game aimed at players aged 6 years and over and can be played with 3-6 players.  It comes 36 playing cards featuring 6 animals in 6 different colours and 13 poop tokens, as well as an instruction leaflet.

Who Did It?

With game play typically lasting for around 15 minutes,  Who Did It? is a perfect game to play at home and when travelling.  We’ve certainly had fun trying to work out who’s animal has pooped!

The game will test your memory skills and you’ll need quick reflexes to move the attention away from your animals and on to someone elses.

Who Did It?

The object of Who Did It? is to discover who has left a pile of poop on the living room floor.

Each player picks a colour and is given the six character cards for that colour.

Who Did It?

The youngest player picks one of their cards and puts it face up in the centre of play, telling everyone that that animal didn’t poop in the kitchen. They then pick a different animal that they think is the culprit, all the other players race to be the first one to find that animal in their cards and place it in the centre, deflecting the blame from their animal. It’s then their turn to accuse a different animal and so play progresses.

Who Did It?

You need to remember which animals have already been accused as you play the game and you want to put down as many of your own cards as possible as the game moves on.

Who Did It?

The round ends when an animal is found to be guilty of being the one leaving their mess for others to clear up.  This happens when either a player passes the blame and no one has that animal left to play, then the last card played is blamed or when only one player has one or more animal cards left to play.  This means that one of those animals must be the guilty party.

The player is then given a poop token.

Who Did It?

Play then continues until one player has collected three poop tokens.  At that point whichever player has the least poop tokens wins the game.

We’ve played Who Did It? a few times over the last couple of weeks and it’s always raised a few giggles from my son.  Just his kind of humour.  Play is fast and fun and it’s a winner here.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below in case you fancy trying this game for yourself. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of an honest review

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