Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker (sent for review)

Now it might seem like a strange time of year to be thinking about frozen treats but in this household they are an all year round obsession. We’ve been putting the new Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker through its paces and we were all fighting to do the first taste test!

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

The Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker is aimed at children aged 5 years and over and gives you the opportunity to make your own Penguin and Mr Frosty choc ices.  What’s not to love about that idea.

The set comes with an Igloo base and lid, a Mr Frosty and Penguin mould, six choc ice sticks and instructions.

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

You will need to buy yoghurt and chocolate to make your choc ices.  We normally make four choc ices at a time and have found that a 100g chocolate bar and two x 85g yoghurt pots work perfectly.

Once you’ve washed the components of the Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker you are ready to have some fun. The process is really easy for children to follow too.

Firstly place the choc ice sticks into the mould and make sure they fit in the groove correctly.

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

Then fill the moulds with yoghurt.

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

Once all the moulds that you want are filled, gently tap the mould to release any air bubbles and place flat in a freezer for approximately three hours.  Ours were totally frozen when we checked at three-hour mark.  Leave them in the freezer for the time being.

Break up the chocolate bar and place the pieces in the base of the igloo and place inside your microwave.  you don’t need to use the igloo lid for this process.  Set the timer for thirty seconds and then remove, stir and repeat until all of the chocolate is melted.  We had to melt our 100g bar for a total of 100 seconds in a 900w microwave.

Now for the really fun part of using the Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker.  Pop the frozen yoghurt characters out of the mould.

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

And then dip them into the melted chocolate.

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

We did find that the igloo base wasn’t really deep enough to fully immerse the yoghurt characters, so my son used a spoon to pour over the chocolate.  Once you’ve finished coating your choc ice, place the stick inside the igloo lid to let it set.  This doesn’t take long at all.

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

You can either leave you choc ices plain, using whatever chocolate you like, or you can dip them into sprinkles, chopped up fruit or maybe even granola.  You could also add fruit, or chopped up biscuits to your yoghurt before freezing.  Really it’s all down to your own imagination.

My son is quite a fussy young man, so we settled for his favourite strawberry yoghurt filling and various sprinkles on the chocolate for a bit of fun.  Whilst some we have left plain.

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker

We’ve all agreed that the Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker is a hit and something I’m sure we’ll be using a lot in the months to come to remind us that warmer days will be with us again eventually!

The Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker is available in most toy shops and supermarkets, including Asda and Amazon (affiliate link from which I earn from qualifying purchases).

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of an honest review

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