STEM Quest series from Carlton Books – review and giveaway

My son turns nine next month and he’s still very much a reluctant reader.  So I’m always on the look out for books that will engage him, get him reading and inspire learning whilst having fun. The STEM Quest series from Carlton Books does all of those things and we’ll be making good use of them in the months to come.

STEM Quest series from Carlton Books

There are four books in the STEM Quest series from Carlton Books which are aimed at children aged seven years and over.  Each eighty page book is designed to engage children with challenges, activities and each contains thirty different experiments.

The STEM Quest Astonishing Atoms and Matter Mayhem covers biology, chemistry, physics, earth and space sciences, biochemistry, bio-medicine and biotechnology. The various topics fit well with the KS2 school curriculum too and we’ve been reinforcing subjects that my son has been learning with this book, including photosynthesis, magnets and the water cycle.

The experiments are very child friendly and the items needed to complete them are generally things you would have at home.  We will be trying a few of them out in the weeks ahead and even I’m rather intrigued to try extracting the DNA from a banana.

Fantastic Forces and Incredible Machines is full of interesting engineering facts and is perfect for hands on constructors like my son.

STEM Quest series from Carlton Books

You learn about systems and mechanics, materials and processes, structures and sustainability engineering in this particular book in the STEM Quest series from Carlton Books.

Each topic is covered in a clear and precise way, with lots of illustrations, making it easy for children to understand. You look at different shapes of structures and their strengths, supporting structures and how ratchets work.  There’s even the opportunity to make a floating magnet train which we’re going to try in the school holidays.

Fabulous Figures and Cool Calculations includes fun activities such as building a 3D pyramid and number bingo.

STEM Quest series from Carlton Books

The book looks at numbers and operations, measurement, problem solving, logic and reasoning, along with geometry, algebra and advanced maths to name a few.  I’m going to be using this particular book a lot over the next couple of years to try to help me son with what he’s learning at school.  Anything that can reinforce his school work has to be a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

Maths is the one area that I really struggled with at school, so I’m hoping in time my son will take after his Dad in this area, and really grasp mental arithmetic in a way I’ve never been able to. This book covers the basics of addition and subtraction as well as fraction.  It looks at areas and volume and angles.  Even I remember Venn diagrams from my own school days and we’re going to be looking at tessellations too.

The final book in the STEM Quest series from Carlton Books is Tools, Robotics and Gadgets Galore.

STEM Quest series from Carlton Books

This book looks at construction, power and energy, information and communication and transportation as some of the categories covered.

You can make a solar oven, salty clay and even yoghurt as you’re learning about the science behind the processes.

The STEM Quest series from Carlton Books offer a fun and educational way for children to learn about the various concepts and are a useful tool for home education too.  The books work well as stand alone resources but even better as a series.

For more information on this series and others offered, visit the Carlton Books website.  Next week we’ll be showing you their STEM Activity series too.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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Set of 4 STEM Quest books from Carlton Books worth £39.96

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134 thoughts on “STEM Quest series from Carlton Books – review and giveaway

  1. Fabulous Figures and Cool Calculations would be particularly helpful but all the children would benefit from and enjoy these books.

  2. I would give them to my granddaughter, and she would like Fantastic Forces and Incredible Machines best as she wants to be an engineer when she grows up
    Jane Willis

  3. i would give these to my nine year old daughter think her favourite would be fabulous figures and cool calculations. she could then pass them onto her 6 year old brother when he gets bigger

  4. I’d give these to my two kids, my daughter would love the fabulous figures and cool calculations, she is a bit of a geek

  5. I’d give them to my cousin and I think he’d enjoy Fantastic Forces and Incredible Machines, sounds like an interesting read!

  6. I’d give them to my 2 boys. I think my older son would prefer the Fabulous Figures and Cool Calculations as he loves maths, while the younger son would enjoy Tools, Robotics and Gadgets galore. Lovely books.

  7. some great books and I think kids would love all of them, Finley would be over the moon with Tools, Robotics and Gadgets Galore and Freya with Fabulous Figures & Cool Calculations

  8. My friend’s daughter would love all of these books to help her Dad with his ‘inventions’! I think Tools, Robotics and Gadgets Galore would be her favourite!

  9. My daughter, want to encourage her to follow in her mummys footsteps if she would like (I am a physicist and love encouraging girls in science)

  10. I would give these to my grand children. they would love the tools, robotics and gadgets galore book and i would love reading it with them

  11. My Grandson would enjoy these, he would like the Maths one the most he just loves working with numbers, so Fabulous Figures would be looked at straight away.

  12. my stepdaughter loves anything to do with space and since she has read every book on their shelf cover to conver she could use some new reading material

  13. Who will you give these books to and which title do you think they’ll enjoy the most?
    to my grandsons and they will enjoy Tools, Robotics and Gadgets Galore the most

  14. I think Tools, Robotics and Gadgets Galore would be enjoyed the most. These books would be shared out, in order to encourage all to learn and to enjoy learning.

  15. My best friend’s son would love these! He and I love to chat science and engineering. I think he’d possibly most like the Gadgets Galore but they all look fabulous!

  16. One of my grandsons who is autistic with an incredible thirst for knowledge. He won’t read a story book but books like these will be read and re-read. He would love them all so I can’t pick a favourite

  17. I would give them to my grandson Matthew I think his favourite would e the Fantastic Forces and Incredible Machines as he loves finding out how things work

  18. Fabulous Figures and Cool Calculations would be perfect for our maths mad grandson. I’d also share them with our granddaughter who loves books like these and went to a STEM day out with her school last month.

  19. I think my son would love tools, robotics and gadgets galore – he’s always talking about designing a gadget for all sorts of weird and wonderful purposes

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