The Snowman at The Peacock (invited to review)

My son will be nine in two weeks time and I’m treasuring the magic moments whilst he still wholeheartedly believes in Father Christmas and everything that comes with that.  We were invited down to London on Saturday to enjoy The Snowman at The Peacock and we both agreed it was totally magical.

The Snowman at The Peacock

The Peacock Theatre is the home of Sadler’s Wells and The Snowman is the Birmingham Repertory Theatre production of this iconic Christmas story. Running from 22nd November 2018 to Sunday 6th January 2019 the show really does bring the classic Raymond Briggs story to life.

The Snowman at The Peacock

It’s hard to believe that The Snowman is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and it’s a story my son and I know so well.  I was intrigued to see how it would translate into a theatre production, and I was also interested to see how my son would react to a production without dialogue.

The Snowman at The Peacock

The magic began as soon as we found our seats, we looked towards the stage and saw a projection of snow falling, we knew we were about to be transported to a different time and place. The Snowman at The Peacock has been running here for 21 years, and after watching the performance I can see it returning for many more years to come.

The staging is beautiful and the story line is very much kept to the one we all know so well.  As the curtains came up we saw a family preparing for Christmas, it’s snowing and the young boy is eager to get outside and have fun in the snow.  Kicking around, making snowballs and snow angels and just having fun.  I looked at my son’s face, and knew he was hooked, dialogue wasn’t needed for him to be dreaming about his own snowy adventures.  Then we watched as The Snowman himself is brought to life, complete with trademark floppy hat and scarf.

We were carried away into a world where a snowman befriends a boy and the two go off to have a magical adventure on Christmas Eve. As soon as they starting Walking in the Air we were both mesmerised, that music gets me every time I hear it.  Beautiful.

The Snowman at The Peacock
photo credit: Tristram Kenton

There are so many wonderful moments in the production of The Snowman at The Peacock, from where the ballerina on the music box comes to life, to when we meet all the snowmen having a party at the North Pole.  It’s something that will stay with us both for a long time to come I think.  Adults were clearly enjoying themselves as much as the children.

The Snowman at The Peacock
photo credit: Tristram Kenton

I can honestly say that The Snowman at The Peacock really is a show for all the family, from tiny tots upwards.  I’m a fifty year old mum, and I was enthralled just as much as my son.  I was the one shedding a tear when the sun started shining and The Snowman had melted away. The lack of dialogue didn’t seem to effect anyone’s attention span and actually I thought it would be a great way to introduce children to balletic performances. We both spent the rest of the day humming Walking in the Air, and I have definitely used ‘magical’ may be once to often to describe the performance, but I don’t care, it truly was.

Right at the end of the show it starts to snow down over the front stalls, and if that didn’t make everyone get in the mood for Christmas, then nothing will.  We had a wonderful time watching The Snowman at The Peacock and we can both thoroughly recommend it.  Also, the programme priced at £5 is full of activities to keep the kids amused before the start of the shown and in the interval.  My son got straight down to business before the show and it was still entertaining him on the train journey home later in the day.

Ticket prices range from £15 – £38 and a Family Ticket costs: £120 (four tickets including at least one child under 16).  For more information on availability contact the Ticket Office on  020 7863 8222 or visit The Peacock.  It’s also worth noting that following its appearances at The Peacock, The Snowman will celebrate its 25th consecutive year at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, with performances running from 16-26 January 2019.

disclosure:  we were given complimentary tickets and a programme in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Glad you both had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for such a great review as it’s something I’m thinking of taking my daughter to watch.

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