Berry the Elf in 2018 – days 1-7 #elfontheshelf

I still can’t quite believe we’re in December, but my son has been counting down the arrival of a certain little elf for weeks.  So here is the first instalment of our adventures with Berry the Elf in 2018 – days 1-7.

1st December

A tricky one as my son and I were away overnight and there was no way Berry could hide away without being seen.  So he called in Daddy P to aid his arrival so he was in place before the two of us got back from Derbyshire.

Berry the Elf in 2018 - days 1-7

The smile says it all.

Berry the Elf in 2018 - days 1-7

2nd December

A bit of Reindeer Hoopla fun and it turned out that Berry was a considerably better shot than the rest of us!

Berry the Elf in 2018 - days 1-7

3rd December

Mummy! Berry has had a midnight feast!

Berry the Elf in 2018 - days 1-7

4th December

Looks like Monkey elf was wining Christmas Snap, hands down.

Berry the Elf in 2018 - days 1-7

5th December

Feeling braver than us with a bit of abseiling overnight.

Berry the Elf in 2018 - days 1-7

6th December

Berry the Elf in 2018 - days 1-7

Pamper time with a nice relaxing bath and drink by candle light.  My son was so excited that Berry likes marshmallows in his bath.  I’ve suggested that having ours with hot chocolate is definitely a better idea!

7th December

Berry set my son a challenge to finish what he’d started.

Berry the Elf in 2018 - days

What will our elf get up to next week?

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