A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

I felt like death warmed up last weekend so we cancelled our main outdoors plans as I just wasn’t up to it.  But I had promised my son that we’d make a visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival in town.  So on Sunday that’s what we did as I knew it wouldn’t take us long to see everything and Daddy P could park right outside the church.

A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

For us a visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival in previous years hasn’t been possible as it’s always hosted on the weekend before my son’s birthday.  This is the first year that we hadn’t been away, and whilst my son is still into everything Christmassy I didn’t want him to miss out on the spectacular.

A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

The three-day event is held in St Edburgs church in Bicester, where my son was Christened and where we should have got married (long story as to why that didn’t happen!).  It’s somewhere where Daddy P and his family have always felt very connected to and it’s a lovely parish church.

A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

I’d already heard about the rather forceful request for a £2.50 ‘donation’ per adult as you entered the church door.  Perhaps they should just make it a ticketed event, as there was no way anyone was getting through without paying anyway.

It was really magical inside the church, different groups were playing musical instruments over the three days, and you definitely couldn’t leave after a visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival without feeling festive.

Throughout the church we found Christmas Trees which had been decorated by different businesses, charities and schools.  It’s such a lovely idea and a great way of bringing the community into the church.

There was a lovely tree decorated with poppies and details of all the men from Bicester who’d lost their lives in WWI.  Everyone took extra time to stop and read about those men.  A lovely way to remember them.

A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

You were free to wander around the church, sit in a pew to listen to the music or grab a hot drink and sit down for a moment or two.

A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

There was a children’s trail that you could complete but my son wasn’t bothered so we just spent some time admiring the different trees.

A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

There’s a table in church that’s very special to our family.  It was donated to the church in memory of Daddy P’s Mum, who was heavily involved with the church before her death.  It’s a table that we requested to be used in our wedding ceremony and it was used for my son’s Christening.  It was lovely seeing it still being used now.

A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

We always used to go to the Crib Service in church but my son decided again it last year.  I was gutted, but I don’t want to force him, so a visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival was the best chance we had of seeing the nativity scene this year.

A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival was just what we all need to get us feeling ready to start our count down to Christmas really.  I wasn’t on top form but could still enjoy the magic of it all.

Have you been to an event like this where you live?

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11 thoughts on “A visit to the Christmas Tree Carnival

  1. I’ve never been to one but I do love seeing Christmas trees so if I knew of any near us I’d be dragging N along (or maybe not, as I don’t think he’d want to go)

  2. Sounds like you have a lovely connection with this church. The trees look amazing and it takes me back to an event I attended with all 6 of mine at a local church when they were very young. In our case I think they were expecting far more visitors and as a result lavished attention on my children which was wonderful. How amazing to go into the church there and see your special table still being used. #CountryKids

  3. We have a Christmas tree festival at our parish church too and it was lovely to go and see them with Sophie and her classmates although there was no pressure with donations when we visited. I think donations should be voluntary rather than forced and tickets would be a better way forward there. It does sound like a lovely festive event. We had a poppy tree too. I can imagine it must be moving to read about local men who fell in WW1. How lovely to see the table still in use and have those memories associated with it. Hope you are now feeling better. Thank you for sharing with #CountryKids

  4. What a wonderful idea. I love the poppy decorated tree and that there’s a big connection with your family too, that must be very heart-warming to see. Thanks for sharing with us at #CountryKids and wild wishes from me for a happy Christmas! x

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