Project 365 2018 Week 50

Project 365 2018 Week 50

Project 365 2018 Week 50 Days 343 – 349

Sunday 9th December – Day 343

Project 365 2018 Week 50

I felt awful, woke up really early and then fell back to sleep just after my son woke up.  A few hours later I was treated to a cup of tea in bed, I think more sleep might have been better but never mind.

I’d promised my son that as we were actually home this year for his birthday weekend, we’d visit the local Christmas Tree Festival as we’ve never been before.  There was a rather forceful volunteer asking for a specific ‘donation’ per adult.  They might just as well said it was an entrance fee.  But that aside, it was lovely to see all the trees lining the insides of the church, all of the local groups who had participated had done a good job.

It was an early night all round.

Monday 10th December – Day 344

Project 365 2018 Week 50

The day my son turned 9.

Thankfully I felt a bit more human when my son woke me up this morning.  After he’d opened his presents we had breakfast and he got to read a few messages people had sent him from friends and family all over the world.  He was a very lucky boy.  His favourite was from one of his friend’s who is currently visiting family in New Zealand.

I’d got the day off so after I’d dropped him and his bestie at school I headed down to the leisure centre to watch his class swimming lesson, sorted his cake and dropped it off at the local Prezzo, before heading home to update his bedroom with all the red furnishings and accessories that we and his grandparents had bought him.  He now lives in a world of red.  I put banners across his bedroom door for when he got home to the surprise.

After school his best friend came home with us and they got to try out his new RC Tanks (a purchase I’m regretting already – noisy!).  He was thrilled with his bedroom makeover.

We all headed to Prezzo for dinner, it was clear the excitement of the day had caught up with my son, but a pep talk seemed to sort this issue and his face when the waitress came out with his cake will stay with me for ages.  He had no idea.

Tuesday 11th December – Day 345

Project 365 2018 Week 50

We were both tired this morning but it didn’t stop my son playing with his tanks as soon as he woke up.  Needless to say Brewster isn’t a fan and has decided to protest whenever they are switched on by sitting on the table.  I’m sure he’ll be getting his revenge as soon as the Christmas Tree goes up!

I caught up with some blog work whilst my son was at school.

After dinner we headed down to the local church for the Cubs District Carol Service.  My son had never been so I was eager for him to go, but in hindsight a 7pm event the night after his birthday might not have been my brightest idea. He coped better than I’d expected and had a hot chocolate with marshmallows treat before bedtime.

Wednesday 12th December – Day 346

Project 365 2018 Week 50

Back to work for me, and wow was it busy.  Then home to catch up with a few things before picking this chap up from school.  I’d promised him we’d have a totally chilled out time after school so he started to work through the various Lego sets he’d had for his birthday.

Thursday 13th December – Day 347

Project 365 2018 Week 50

My son woke up to find that Berry had been playing noughts and crosses with Monkey elf over night.  It meant we had to have a couple of games before school.

It’s freezing!!

Friday 14th December – Day 348

Project 365 2018 Week 50

Work for me and Christmas themed clothing day at school for my son.

Tonight is my first works Christmas party in ten years.  I’m really looking forward to going out with the team and letting my hair down for a few hours.  It’s been a tough few months with a few things, so tonight is much-needed. Actually managed to paint my nails and get them dry without ruining them.  Result.

Much bubbly was consumed, a nice meal and the dance floor called out to all.  We had a wonderful night.  No idea what time I got home, but I did remember to sort the elf out before falling into bed.

Saturday 15th December – Day 349

Project 365 2018 Week 50

A quiet day at home was in order after last night’s revelries!  A much-needed pjs day and time spent watching TV.  not much is going to get done.  Managing to make cheese on toast for lunch is my limit!

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16 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 50

  1. I’m glad your son had a good birthday. That’s a lovely photo with his cake. My nails are a very similar colour to yours! Glad you enjoyed your work Christmas party. Hope you feel fully recovered soon!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your christmas do. I’ve not been to any of the ones at this work. And now they’re pretty tame anyway, just a few drinks and nibbles in the office straight after work so I don’t bother. I’ve done plenty in the past that were a little wild.

    How’s Monkey’s swimming lessons going this year? Must be strange after having a big gap.

  3. Was going to say hope you’re feeling better then I saw the christmas party and the hangover update lol. i’ve got a ring like that, a gift from my parents on my 21st. Looks like Monkey had a great birthday, glad he liked his giraffe, did you show him my photo? The Christmas tree festival looks good, but I’m with you on the forced donation, I saw the Natural history Museum now has turnstills with a donation box for free entry

  4. Happy 9th Birthday! The photo of Brewster on the table did make smile, I think my cat would have got annoyed with the noise too!

    Loving the colour of your nails!

  5. Happy belated birthday to Monkey! He looks so happy with his birthday cake. Glad you visited the Xmas tree festival, and annoying that they insist on a certain amount of donation. Just call it a fee then.
    Love your beautiful gold ring.

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