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I’ve always been rather fascinated by sharks, I think most kids of my age were, that or terrified of them after watching Jaws!  They are so much more than that film portrayed, and thankfully my son has come to recognise that too.  Sharks is a new Carlton Books publication that is being released on 10th January 2019.  We’ve been lucky enough to get a copy of this Ben Hubbard book ahead of time, and it’s a great read.


Sharks is a 64 page paperback book, full of interesting shark related facts, which are accompanied by some wonderful photographs and CGI artwork.


It’s a fascinating book and a great way for children to learn more about this species, did you know that there are 510 different types of shark? The book talk about how their skeletons differ from our own and how they’ve adapted to different environments.

With family and friends dotted all over the world now, I always like to show my son how climates, habitation and animals vary in different locations.  The mapping sharks section in Sharks illustrated this perfectly for me son, showing him where different species of these marine animals can be found around the world.


It’s always interesting to see how animals breath underwater, and Sharks covers this topic in an engaging and factual way, making it easy for children to understand.


We’ve seen a number of sharks in various aquariums over the years, but only a fraction of the different species that exist.  I’d certainly never heard of the Frilled Shark, it’s always great when one of my son’s books introduces me to new things too.


Neither of us had heard of the Copepod parasites who feed off the shark’s eyeball, causing it to go blind.


Sharks also talks about the future of these often misunderstood creatures.  The studies that are being undertaken to learn more about them, as well as what we are doing to destroy them.  What a hideous sight, hopefully our children will be more caring than our generation has been.


Sharks is available to pre-order from the Carlton Books website, priced at £8.99.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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Sharks book worth £8.99

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118 thoughts on “Sharks – sent for review and giveaway

  1. Dolphin, seem nice and friendly, as well as intelligent. Watched Flipper on tv as a child, and loved the tv show and Flipper the dolphin.

  2. sharks – i dont know i just must have a death wish… ive owned anacondas and reticulated pythons before and my favourite type of bird is an eagle lol my favourite land mamal – tiger I just seem to be drawn to dangerous animals ahah

  3. I love dolphins because they are so intelligent and graceful but I also love sharks as I don’t think we know that much about them!

  4. Octopi are fascinating because some of them have a whole colour spectrum range that humans don’t come close to experiencing.

  5. My favourite sea animal is the Vampire Squid, as although its name, the vampire squid actually eats drifting particles called “marine snow”.

  6. I love dolphins, my husband was swimming on the gulf coast a few months ago and had a dolphin swimming right next to him. It was beautiful.

  7. My favourite is the jellyfish. I have a very childish reason for it. In 2003 finding Nemo came out and I was 8 years old. In McDonalds the toys were of course finding nemo. The jellyfish one was sparkly pink and I loved mine more than anything! Now I have a 3 year old of my own and he loves finding dory… I still prefer the jellyfish though

  8. Sharks I think that they are very interesting and there are so many different species and some I’ve not come across yet

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