Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Wow, time to say good-bye to 2018 and wish you all a Happy New Year 2019.  I hope it’s a good one for all of you, filled with happiness, good health and laughter.  We’re going to be facing a few challenges here this year, some that I will share, some that I probably won’t.  But hopefully there will be some sunshine along the way and I’m sure my son will continue to lighten up each day for me whatever is thrown at my feet.

We’re already looking forward to March and his first school residential.  Something he’s actually quite excited about, although I would imagine there will be some butterflies as the date gets closer.  He’ll be gone for four days and three nights, the longest he’s ever been away from home.  It will be an amazing experience for him, and I’m planning a trip away to stay with my best friend for a couple of days to make the most of parenting free time.

There will be birthdays, although I might prefer to be 15 rather than 51 in April.  A second half century of adventures is staring me in the face.

A breast screening check will be attended within the next two weeks.  Another joy of hitting this wondrous age.  Not my first, but thankfully there is no ‘scare’ with this one.  Just a routine appointment now I’m 50.  I’ll be quite thankful if that’s the only medical appointment to face this year.

I’m sure the academic year will slip throw our fingers really quickly.  I hope my son finds it all less challenging, I hope he can catch up a bit to his peers.  Time will tell.  I know I’m really not ready for him to be in Upper Key Stage Two, so please don’t come too quickly September.

One thing I’m sure of, is that there will be adventures as we say Happy New Year 2019.  Whether they be near or far, I cannot say right now.  Whether they will be in new places or ones we know so well, again I cannot say.  But there will be adventures, sticks may or may not be involved, but there will be laughter, and walking and just being grateful for simple things.  There will plenty of that.

Hopefully there will be a lot of good health.  I’ve had so many friends lose parents over the last year or two, that I’m ever grateful to still have both of mine in good health.  It’s something that I don’t take for granted, but I’d be lying if I said that it doesn’t prey on my mind.  Having them living in Spain isn’t always the wonderful thing that everyone presumes it to be.  There are so many times when it would be lovely to just pop in for a cuppa, to be able to have them over for lunch.  To be there quickly if needed, to do the shopping when they aren’t feeling 100%.  To just be closer.  But they are where they want to be, they are healthy and happy and we are all grateful for that.

Brewster will be seven in June.  It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that he arrived in our home.  He came at a time when I was still getting over losing my saggy old nineteen year old cat, Monty.  I wasn’t used to having a kitten, but he soon stole all of our hearts.  Finally in 2018 he decided not to try to electrocute himself on the Christmas lights, or to climb the tree at every opportunity.  It was the first year where he wasn’t bothered by any of it.  His last remaining sibling Alfie, went missing the weekend before Christmas, it made all of us, cuddle Brewster just that little bit more.  I can only imagine how Alfie’s family are feeling without him.

It’s time to pack away the Christmas things and look forward to a Happy New Year 2019.  To whatever awaits us, we will face it full on.  The blog will continue to be a place we share thoughts and feelings, the highs and some of the lows as we wander our way through another year.  There will be reviews and lots of photos, and hopefully some smiles along the way.

To a new year and to sharing it with you all.  Thanks for your continued support of my second baby, the blog.  I had no idea where this little bit of cyber space would take me, when I set the blog up in 2013.  I wonder where it will take us all in 2019?  I hope you’ll stick around to find out.

Happy New Year 2019


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