Project 365 2019 Week 1

Project 365 2019 Week 1

Project 365 2019 Week 1 Day 1 – 5

Tuesday 1st January – Day 1

Project 365 2019 Week 1

New Years Day and a really chilled one for us.  The day was spent building Lego and just relaxing, which has been the general order for the holidays.  Daddy P hasn’t been around much, but when he has, he’s also needed some down time.

I cooked roast duck for dinner which was delicious.

Wednesday 2nd January – Day 2

Project 365 2019 Week 1

Back to work for me and it was fairly busy.  Headed home to some domestic chores and realised I was overdue to update my new diary for the year.  Working has also made me realise how little time we’re going to get for school holiday adventures this year.

Thursday 3rd January – Day 3

Project 365 2019 Week 1

We headed down to Cliveden for the day with Emma and her son N.  We’ve not been for a couple of years so it gave us the perfect opportunity to get another stamp in my son’s National Trust passport.

The boys were often running on ahead, so it gave Emma and I chance to natter.  I think we’ll all sleep well tonight.

Friday 4th January – Day 4

Project 365 2019 Week 1

A really chilly morning. I went out to work early so I could defrost the car windscreen (mine has a unique feature of freezing on the inside as well as the outside), only to find that the battery was dead.  Thankfully Daddy P was at home and had some jump leads.  He managed to get the car started and I got it to the garage before walking on to work.  My next door neighbour’s van had also died overnight, so it must have been much colder than we’d thought.

A busy morning at work for me once I’d got there. The garage was fab, and had my car sorted by the time I’d finished work. I’d hoped that my son might have tidied up his toys by the time I got home, but no such luck.  He did look through some of his toy boxes this afternoon, but only one thing didn’t go back in.  I’ll have to do a ruthless cull when he’s back at school I think.

We were thinking of something to do tomorrow, we both love Whipsnade Zoo, so I converted some Tesco Club Card points to Days Out vouchers and it’s going to cost us 85p to go tomorrow.  Result!

Saturday 5th January – Day 5

Project 365 2019 Week 1

We headed off to Whipsnade Zoo so we were there when it opened.  It’s one of our favourite places to visit and my son always sets the route.  No surprises that he made a beeline to see his giraffes. It was really cold but we still enjoyed our day, got to see the tiger cubs have their lunch (they’ve grown so much!) and I persuaded my son to stand by the cheetah statue.  Now I need to look through my photos and find the same shot from when he was much younger.

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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 1

  1. Your boy really likes his Lego doesn’t he!
    I love your new diary.
    That is a great bargain trading in your Tesco clubcard vouchers. It sounds like you had a fab day x

  2. Thats the thing I hate most about working is the lack of time in the school holidays! Like the lego boat my Monkey seems to have missed the point of lego and will only make kits and then not dismantle them. Hoping this will change as he gets older. Good news on the car and bargain on the day out. I never think to to use Tesco vouchers. Thanks for convincing me to join in x

  3. How lovely to get a day out with Emma and N, and what a bargain your trip to the zoo was! We usually use our Tesco vouchers for the cinema.
    Happy new year to you all.

  4. Monkey should go on Lego Masters! His Lego boat is great. Loving your diary’s cover. How lovely to meet Emma and N and catch up on the latest news. What a palaver re dead battery.
    Happy new year to you all!

  5. Happy new year Mary and I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas. We’re only just going back next Tuesday and I think it’s going to be a shock. Well done on the 85p trip to whipsnade

  6. good old tesco points, come in handy for various treats.
    Glad you have managed some down time.
    Love your diary.
    Bob is the same with clear outs, he always has a reason/excuse to hold onto anything including clothes that are to small.

  7. Oooh whipsnade is blooming freezing as it’s so open. Bargain though.

    N actually cleared his books out the other day – then cleared more out. Mainly because he wanted a shelf for other books and complete lego.

  8. Happy New Year, can’t believe how big the boy is getting, well done on the Clubcard Deal, really must use the scheme more, especially with our tribe, a day out is very expensive! Ours all went back to school and college on Thursday and it was a huge shock to everyone’s system!

  9. Oh I so need to do a ruthless cull of things from my youngest’s bedroom too. Always get stressed going in there! You have reminded me we have some Tesco vouchers that need using up!

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