Pyramid International range of FRIENDS merchandising – AD sent for review #CuppawithFRIENDS

I’ve been a huge fan of the US TV sitcom FRIENDS since it first aired back in 1994, and it was one of those shows that we never missed.  We could relate to the characters and their relationships and it was always guaranteed to make us laugh out loud each week.  Twenty five years later and I still love watching the re-runs and the Pyramid International range of FRIENDS merchandising have brought Central Perk into my living room and kitchen!

Pyramid International range of FRIENDS merchandising

The show was so iconic in the 1990’s and we had every series on video (yes I’m that old), and my ex and I would have FRIENDS weekends, where we’d watch each programme back to back.  Sadly I lost the videos in the divorce, but I watch the re-runs on TV and the programmes are as funny today as they were back in their heyday.

Who was your favourite character?  I was always torn between Chandler and Phoebe.  They never quite got things right but they always made me laugh, I’d certainly want friends like them in my life. I’d be willing Ross and Rachel to sort themselves out and stop being on a break! Rachel and Joey just never worked for me.  Although Chandler and Monica caught me on the hop, I wasn’t expecting their friendship to grow into a big romance.  But week in and week out I’d sit on my sofa wishing I was in Central Perk grabbing a coffee and being FRIENDS with them.

Pyramid International range of FRIENDS merchandising

This 625ml large coffee cup from the Pyramid International range of FRIENDS merchandising would certainly keep me in Latte for ages!  Perfect for days when my son has decided to be a duvet thief again and I’ve just not had enough sleep.

Pyramid International range of FRIENDS merchandising

For a slightly more standard size of coffee (315ml) you could always opt for the one of the range of quote mugs from the Pyramid International range of FRIENDS merchandising.  Who’s lobster are you?

But if you’re looking for coffee to go, then that’s also covered, with the Eco Travel Mug which is made from bio plastic. Handy if you’re out and about and still want to enjoy your favourite hot drink.

If you’re like me and Monica, and you like order, being in control and being organised, then the FRIENDS Infographic notepad will be a welcome addition to your home.  I can’t live with a notepad full of lists and ideas and the various phrases from the show that are printed on the cover, make me smile whenever I pick this up.

The Pyramid International range of FRIENDS merchandising has got me in the mood for catching up with classic episodes of one of my favourite sit-com series.  How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Pyramid International range of FRIENDS merchandising – AD sent for review #CuppawithFRIENDS

  1. Ahh! I love Friends and watch at least one episode each day. They’re always on TV. I have always liked Joey & Phoebe.
    Those cups are fab! I’ve just looked at the Pyramid International website and I think I will be paying them a visit closer to my teens birthday. They have so much she’d love! x

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