Life At The Zoo

Life At The Zoo – AD sent for review

As you all know we do love visiting zoo’s and wildlife parks here.  I’ve always been very keen for my son to appreciate wildlife and see animals from far afield.  We’ve been reading Life At The Zoo by Michael George recently, which takes us behind the scenes.

Life At The Zoo

Published through Sterling Children’s Books, Life At The Zoo is a 32 page hardback book aimed at children aged 6-10 years of age.  It’s a fascinating read and one both my nine-year old son and I have learned from.

Life At The Zoo starts with the baby animals and the care they might need in their early days at the zoo.  The book describes what different baby animals eat and drink and gives details of the care the zoo keepers need to provide. Zoos in the 21st century do some marvellous conservation work and the book explores how this works with the care of endangered species.

Life At The Zoo

My son found it hysterical that zoo animals might have to go to school to work on their problem solving skills.  Admittedly their lessons seem far more fun than times tables and grammar, but they’re just as  important to help the animals keep the skills they’s learn in the wild.

Life at the Zoo also teaches us about how zoo keepers can teach animals to obey certain commands so that they can safely care for them from a distance.  It’s all quite fascinating.  I’d love one day to take my son on a zookeeper experience day, I just know he’d get so much out of it.

Life At The Zoo

We often see animals enjoying playtime at the zoo, whether it be bathing in a pool or rummaging for food in presents and disused Christmas trees.

Life At The Zoo

We watch The Secret Life of the Zoo regularly so know the important part that Vets play in the long-term care of zoo animals.  The skills required to look after these animals is certainly to be admired.

Life At The Zoo is an enjoyable read full of information and colour photographs.  It’s a nice addition to our bookshelf and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below (I earn from qualifying purchases).

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