Let me introduce you to Paddington - our new kitten

Let me introduce you to Paddington – our new kitten

You might have noticed a few mentions across social media about the latest addition to our family. Whilst some of you might be planning a holiday over the May half term, we will be welcoming our new four-legged friend to our home. Let me introduce you to Paddington – our new kitten, who comes to his forever home on 23rd May.

Let me introduce you to Paddington - our new kitten

I’ve loved cats for as long as I can remember and Brewster had big paws to fill when he joined us after I lost my 17 and 19-year-old brothers, Roxy and Monty. Brewster is 7 next month and my son can’t remember his arrival, as he was only 2andhalf then. He’s been asking for another kitten for ages and with everything that’s happening here, I thought that right now was a good time to have something positive and happy to focus on. So when one of my boss’s cats had kittens in March and one looked rather like our resident fluffball, I knew it was meant to be.
We’ve seen photos of him but we got to meet Paddington for the first time last Thursday, along with the rest of his family. It was a love thing and one quiet little boy got his first kitten cuddles.
Let me introduce you to Paddington - our new kitten
Of course, we’ve got to get things at home prepared for our new arrival. The biggest challenge will be introducing him to Brewster, who turns seven next month and is currently king of all he surveys.  I’ve done some reading up and we’ll need to keep them separated for a while.  Not easy in a shoebox-sized house, but Paddington will have the kitchen and we’re moving Brewster’s food and water bowls out into the hallway this week.  Hopefully, that will help him get used to his things being somewhere different for a while.
When we visited Paddington we took his new fleece blanket with us and rubbed it up against him.  When we got home we let Brewster have a good smell of the blanket to introduce the smell of Paddington.  We’ll be visiting our new kitten again this week and will repeat the process.
I’m not sure at what point we’ll introduce our two boys face to face.  I know it’s going to have to be under my supervision and is likely to be a slow process of adjustment.  More for Brewster, than for Paddington, who is used to being in a home with a number of other cats around.
Let me introduce you to Paddington - our new kitten
If you have any tips then please let me know!
We’re so looking forward to having Paddington home.  Especially in light of the loss of a dear friend, we really do need something positive and happy in our lives right now.  Look forward to plenty of kitten spam in the months ahead!

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  1. Oh, bless little Paddington. Please DO kitten spam us lots over the coming months!
    You’ve already done what I would have suggested with the fleece so it is just a case of taking it slowly and enjoying every minute.

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