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Project 365 2019 Week 20

Project 365 2019 Week 20 Day 132 – 138

Sunday 12th May – Day 132

horses at the stream

It was a lovely sunny day so we headed out on a four and a half mile circular walk.  We all really enjoyed it although Daddy P needed a nap when we got home.  He’s not used to walking with us yet!

After dinner, I received a phone call which left me totally heartbroken.  My best friend’s partner had been killed in a cycling accident earlier in the day. I couldn’t take in what his sister was telling me at all, he’d only taken early retirement last week. Incomprehensible.

A just giving page has been set up by the event organisers in his memory to raise money for the Air Ambulance Service who did all they could to try to save him.  If you’d like to donate here is the link.

Monday 13th May – Day 133

blue skies

A blur of a day.  I couldn’t sleep and ended up having toast and a cuppa in the early hours.  I couldn’t stop thinking about my bestie and what she now has to face.  Her partner’s family are staying with her and I’ll be there for her as and when she’s ready.

I took my son to school and then walked to work.  There were tears but I really needed to keep busy.

Today’s positive was the weather.

Tuesday 14th May – Day 134

hot pink gerbera

I did get some sleep last night which was much needed. My son’s best friend’s Mum is lovely, she bought me some flowers around when she dropped her son off and has offered to have my boy for a sleepover as and when I go up to see my bestie.  An offer I’ll definitely be taking her up on as and when my friend is ready for it.

A busy morning at work was much appreciated before I caught up with some things at home.

Wednesday 15th May – Day 135

cat drawing

I’m so thankful to have my son right now. He is the light in amongst all the heartache and stress, and I’d be lost without him.

He decided to colour in a cat picture to look like Paddington.  It made us both laugh.

Daddy P has been using my car most days but he took his car (AKA the Tank) today so I could use my car after work to get some shopping.

We registered Paddington at the vets and booked his vaccination appointment for half term week.  Not long until he comes home to us!

Thursday 16th May – Day 136

train track heaven

I did tell you last week that my living room is a train track, didn’t I! The track goes around three-quarters of the room.  A bit of pre-breakfast play time.

The weather has been beautiful all week, I hope it lasts.

I had a catch up on Facetime with my youngest niece, before getting on with some blog work.  My brain isn’t working very well so I haven’t got much done.

We went to see Paddington after dinner, he’s 10 weeks old today and growing so fast.  Can’t believe that he’ll be home with us in a week.

Friday 17th May – Day 137

Velo just giving page for Mike

The sun has disappeared but thankfully I managed to get to work and back in the dry.

The Just Giving page in memory of my bestie’s partner reached £21.k today!  It’s amazing, I’ve read through a lot of the donation comments over the last few days, it’s humbling to see so many people who didn’t know him, donate.  It breaks my heart that he’ll never see this but it’s nice to see that there is something positive to look at.

Saturday 18th May – Day 138

lego building

The duvet thief arrived at some point in the night, but I’ve no idea when, so I must have had some decent sleep.

It’s been a chilled out morning, with lots of Lego building and me doing some work to help Daddy P.

This afternoon I’m getting away from it all and spending it with NCT friends, making use of a free spa pass and just relaxing.  I can’t tell you how much this is needed right now.

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20 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 20

  1. Aww! Bless Daddy P needing a nap after the walk. hehehe
    I am so sorry about your friends husband. It sounds truly awful but the Just giving page is amazing.
    That is so kind of your son’s best friends mum to bring flowers and having your boy for a sleepover.
    How exciting about the new cat.
    Have a lovely afternoon. If anyone deserves some time at a spa it’s you! x

  2. My condolences, Mary, life is so fragile. The Giving page is amazing.
    Monkey must be so excited about Paddington coming soon to live with you. I wonder how Brewster will adapt from being the king of the house to having to share space and love. Monkey did a good job, colouring the cat picture. Take care, Mary!

  3. I know I’ve said it before, but I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what your friend is going through now – or what you are going through. The JustGiving fund is amazing!
    It must be nice to know that you have Paddington coming to live with you so soon. I do love the colouring of him.

  4. I am so so sorry for your loss and I am sure when your friend is ready for your shoulder to cry on and memories to share she will let you know. Not really something you expect when people go out in a morning.
    Poor daddy P needing a nap after his walk, I often nap in an afternoon.
    Those flowers are lovely and great imagination with the colouring I guess there will be a surge of pets named Paddington after the release of the film.

  5. and saying it again, so sorry to hear about Mike, having Paddington’s arrival to look forward to is nice. You have a lovely friend there with the flowers and offering to look after F

  6. How devastating for you all my heart goes out to you and his family. It’s amazing the money that has been raised I hope there is some comfort in it. Sounds like your sons best friends mum is lovely so important to be able to lean on people every now and again. Loving the train and can’t wait to see Paddington in his new home x

  7. So sorry about your friends husband, that is just heartbreaking. The amount raised though is amazing. And so nice to have friends like that to offer to help out.

  8. I’m relieved that there are some positives to try to combat such sadness at the moment. The generosity of the Just Giving donors shows that the world is full of kind people at our darkest moments #project365

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