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Mummy and Me – May 2019

Mummy and Me – May 2019

My idea has been to take at least one photo a week, every week of the year of my son and I together.

This month has been a really tough one.  With things going on at home and then the loss of a dear friend, it’s not been a month where I’ve thought much about taking photos at all.  There have been times when I’ve actually thought about not blogging any more.  But I’ll find a way through it all and here we are.

Week 19

My shot from this week is from our lovely walk around Lower Heyford.  Although this trip will always be tinged with sadness, when we got home we learned that my bestie’s partner had been killed in a cycling accident.  hold tight to those you love.

Rousham Eyecatcher

Week 20

A week that went by in a blur really, we sent this photo to my bestie as part of a thing to tell her we loved her.  She’s an honorary Auntie to my son and he worships her.

mother and son

Week 21

My little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Mummy and Me - May 2019

Week 22

We’re making good use of our annual pass to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.  Definitely got our money back already.

Mummy and Me - May 2019

Have you got in front of the camera with your kids this month?


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