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disclosure:  this is a collaborative post

A career is not just for the short term, it’s pretty much for life. So once you’ve come to terms with that concept, you have a lot of things to start thinking about. As most of you will be deep into your career life at the minute, you may also feel that you might not even be going anywhere with it. Although it really is a shame, so many of us are stuck in careers that only benefit one part of our lives, and that’s the financial part. But even then does your job really benefit your finances when you think about it? It may not provide a financial benefit or even benefit any other parts of your life. A job restricts us, gives half of the world a mental health issue, and just makes it so hard for us to live the life that we are meant to be living. So we think that enough is enough and that there’s plenty that you could be doing to make sure that you have a career that’s going to benefit your whole life and not just a tiny part of your bank account. So stand up for yourself, think about your future, and see if you would be prepared to enter careers like these, that we know would benefit multiple parts of your life!

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The Fitness Fanatics

For all of your fitness fanatics out there, there are so many roles that you could go into, and we definitely recommend that you take a look into them. This Guide by Origym for highest paying fitness jobs will show you just a few of them. But we could spend the whole post talking about the different routes that you could take, but instead, we’re just going to talk about one. Personal training is definitely something that’s on the rise at the minute, with so many social media fitness influencers making sports and fitness look glamorous, the industry is just booming as it has never done before. Now a lot of mums are into their fitness, especially classes. So if this is you, you might think it’s a good idea to go down the route of personal training. You could then think about going on to set up an establishment that’s focused purely on fitness classes, rather than an intimidating gym as well. Now that could be a money maker because there aren’t actually many of those around at the minute!

Everyone Wants Someone To Look At

Now, this is true, and this one really does relate to the one that we’ve just been talking about as well. Everyone wants someone to look at, and someone to idolise. And if they aren’t idolising them, they’re criticising them. So, one thing that is really taking off is the rise of social media influencers. To be a social media influencer, you have to bring something to the table. You have to be able to inspire the people you’re connecting with through fitness and through your own journey. If you were to dedicate some time to this, and you actually managed to build up a good following, you might notice that brands get in touch with you for sponsor deals, or to send you some things to review. It’s great to have opportunities like this, and it could even lead you to some crazy type of lifestyle! But this does not come without its risks. There is a chance that a post you right might alienate a group of people, and your whole personal brand could come crashing down if you don’t act responsibly. Or, you could simply lose the following you build because the next best person comes along. But don’t let this put you off, because it’s something you can do on the side of what you’re doing at the minute, and it could easily change your life! So even if this one doesn’t pay off, at least you’re not losing out on anything for it!

A Big Corporate Person

We’d be silly not to tell you to go down this route, simply because if you want something to benefit your whole life, it could be a role within a big company. If this is something you’ve always wanted; to be one of these high profile business people, then why haven’t you gone for it before!? There’s always going to be a role that you can work your way up in. You don’t have to have gone to college or university and get endless levels of qualifications to go into business. All you would have had to do would be to follow a trainee scheme. You might have had to secure a range of qualifications, which might lead you to different levels of business. So why not start today. You don’t have to be young to be a trainee on a scheme, you could be anyone with a goal in mind. All you need to do is find a big corporate company who is offering a chance, and you can then work your way up, and discover the true world of business. The benefits of this can be huge, with so many opportunities available.

Something To Do With Public Services

We wanted to finish with this one because we really do feel that a public services career could benefit your whole life. Not only are you doing something to benefit yourself, but you’re providing a service that’s much needed by the general public too. So think about paramedics or the police. Two excellent careers with so many different benefits. From an active lifestyle to a bigger bank account, the public service sector will most definitely not let you down! It can also be noted that the pension pack that comes with a public sector job is usually very good.

disclosure: this is a collaborative post



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