Having fun with Tetris Dual and Tetris Speed

Having fun with Tetris Dual and Tetris Speed – AD sent for review and giveaway

Were you aware that it was World Tetris Day on 6th June or that the original Tetris game is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year?  Something else to make me feel incredibly old right now! My nine-year-old son loves the rather addictive game as much as I do so we’ve been more than happy to spend time having fun with Tetris Dual and Tetris Speed recently.

Having fun with Tetris Dual and Tetris Speed

Whether you’re already a fan of the Tetris concept or not, you’ll enjoy having fun with Tetris Dual and Tetris Speed.  Tetris Dual is a two player game aimed at those aged six years and over.  I can confirm that this fifty-something Mum enjoys it as much as their nine-year-old son. You will need 2 x AA batteries to operate this game and there is some assembly required, but this only takes a few seconds.

The game comes with a base unit featuring 2 LCD displays, the play grid matrix, light up tower block, 50 Tetriminos playing pieces in two colours and an instruction booklet.

There are two different games to play with Tetris Dual.  In Speed, you have sixty seconds to complete each turn and you lose points if you don’t complete your move before the timer runs out.  In Countdown, there is a running countdown and you can gain bonus points for completing the game before the timer runs out.

Your score is recorded as you play the game and Tetris Dual really does make you work on strategy and tactical moves as you try to fill a row with your own pieces and block your opponent.  We’ve both enjoyed playing this game a lot over the last week and the Speed game is our favourite of the two-game options.

Tetris Speed

Tetris Speed is a card game aimed at those aged six years and over, and it can be played with two to eight players. The game comes with eighty-four playing cards and instructions.  If you are playing with two-four players you only use the white-backed playing cards, for five to eight players you use the complete deck.

Tetris Speed is a free for all and the first player to play all their cards is the winner.  You place one card face up in the centre of play and then divide the remaining cards between the players.  The card placed in the middle tells you which Tetrimino shape needs to be played next.  It’s fast and furious and great for working on observation skills.  I can also see this being a really good game to take away on holiday.  It’s been a big hit here already.

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Tetris Dual and Tetris Speed game bundle worth £30.98

192 thoughts on “Having fun with Tetris Dual and Tetris Speed – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. I would enjoy playing this with my grandchildren, when they visit there is no screen time and we enjoy games together, much healthier for their mental wellbeing

  2. Both my children would love this. I don’t think the 4 year age gap would be an issue, so it’s something they could play together.

  3. I was so close to buying this for my son but he wasn’t too enthusiastic! I would definitely get him to play and show him how much fun Tetris is. These classics must never die!

  4. This looks fun. Any games that teach strategy are helpful for children but I would probably play it with our middle child.

  5. I’d play with my husband, we were both big gamers when Tetris came out so we’d have great fun playing these versions!

  6. My son – I have told him that tetris was one of the first games I played on a console when I was young- he didnt believe me!!

  7. I would play against my 11 year old, we both play tetris on the phone but I would love to try and beat her in a proper game where you cannot cheat

  8. I’d like to play with an evening with my partner because we’d be fiercely competitive, but for a little more relaxing game I’d play with my step-grandchildren!

  9. I would love to play with my nephews! They love playing family games and this looks like a perfect introduction to Tetris 🙂

  10. I think it would make a great family game, and I’d love to pass on my enjoyment of the original game to the next generation

  11. Who would you like to play these games with and why?
    my grandsons ‘cos we love games even though l let them win

  12. I’d play these games with my children and husband. We have regular games afternoons and these games will be great to add to our collection! I’m quite fond of Tetris, having played it a lot years ago when it first came out on the Game Boy!

  13. I’d love to play these with the kids. Me and my partner are massive game nerds so Tetris is one of the classics. Would be grest to get them into it!

  14. I would play with my sons, i’ve always loved tetris and would love to show my lads there is more to life than a screen!

  15. I’d love to play these with my two children as i enjoyed tetris as a child and I think they would too. I also think it will help to develop their logical thinking skills

  16. The whole family would love this. I used to be so good at Tetris! (and hubby was so bad at it!) so it would be great to rediscover the game 🙂

  17. I would play these games with my 2 stepdaughters. they love to [p;lay board games as a family and we always try to play something new this would give us a nice new game to play together

  18. I’d love to play with my daughters, I’ve showed them Tetris as an old pc game before, and this looks fun.

  19. I’d play with my husband and kids – I loved Tetris, it was one of the few computer games that I really enjoyed and these look like great fun.

  20. I would love to play it with my younger sister and boyfriend.. She lives with me now full time so spending family time with her is a must!

  21. I would love to play with my Goddaughter, she always wants to join in our games nights but some of the games we play are a little old for her. It would be lovely to include her in the early part of the evening before she goes to bed.

  22. I would love to play this against my husband and sons, we have a family games night and I think I would be in with a shot of winning Tetris!!

  23. With my grandson – we often play old fashioned card and board games and I used to be good at Tetris when his dad (my son) was young.

  24. I’d like to play these games with my godson. He now lives a few hundred miles away so it would be lovely to spend some time with him which I used to do much more often when he and his parents lived nearby.

  25. It would take me back to my childhood as Tetris was one of my fav games in the late 80s. I would also love to play them with my niece and nephew too and show them the games I used to play on the computer.

  26. My 7 year old adores board/card games – her current obsession is Uno so this would be a slightly different challenge for her!

  27. The children at my afterschool club, they love a good game and it’s lovely to see the older ones helping and encouraging the younger ones

  28. I’d love to play this with my niece and nephew – teach them about Tetris and what it was like when I was younger!

  29. I would love to play this with my Daughters, as it would be great to get them off their devices and do something together.

  30. My family. We have a Sunday funday every week and it usually ends with board games so this would be fun

  31. I would love to play this with all 3 of my kids I think they would love to challenge me at it

  32. My family because I’m always playing Tetris alone on my phone so this would bring everyone together.

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