Wonder Park DVD

Wonder Park DVD – AD sent for review and giveaway

If you’re looking for a family film with a feel-good factor then we can recommend the Wonder Park DVD which we got to watch recently.  Wonder Park is available now to download and keep and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD from 19th August from Paramount Home Media Distribution.

Wonder Park DVD

The animated adventure introduces us to a little girl called June who has a wonderful imagination.  She’s encouraged by her mother and creates a theme park in her house.  Wonder Park is run by animals and is full of fun adventures.  But when June’s Mum is taken ill and has to go into hospital for a long stay, June neglects her imaginative play and packs the theme park away.

Little does she know that the park was real and that now that she’s stopped believing in her imagination the park is in serious trouble.  There are chimpanzombies attacking the park and it’s in peril of being destroyed.  When June runs away from Math Camp she discovers Wonder Park and realises she has to save the park. She finds Peanut, the Chimp who runs the park and he tells her that he used to hear a voice telling him what to create next in the park.  They work together, along with the other animals she’d created to destroy the darkness that has overcome Wonder Park.

There’s also a lovely twist at the end of the film, but I won’t spoil that for you.  It’s a lovely film and the Wonder Park DVD has lots of added extra for all the family to enjoy:

Gus Yodeling – Deleted Scene o The Wonder Chimp Channel o The PiSong Sing-Along

Boardwalk Caricatures:

Drawing Boomer

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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Wonder Park DVD worth £10

150 thoughts on “Wonder Park DVD – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. I love the waltzer. My mother introduced me to the ride, and we would always ride the waltzer , when the funfair was in town . It always brings back lovely memories .

  2. I love an old fashioned ferris wheel as we can see all over the fairground from the top of the wheel but it always feels safe and fun..

  3. Space Mountain at Disneyworld Florida. It was the first ride we went on and went on twice. I was scared at first because it was in the dark but once it got going, I loved it!

  4. My favourite ride at a theme park is the Ferris Wheel as it is nice and relaxing and you have a great veiw at the top.

  5. Pterodactyl at flamigo land is brilliant, not only do you rise 150 feet up it then spins you round a round, it brings butterflies to your stomach and great fun when you come down and try walking straight

  6. I’ve never liked rides and have only ever gone on fairground rides so I don’t have a favourite but my least favourite and one of the few I’ve tried is the teacup ride, I hated that one when I was a child!

  7. The Waltzers. Used to go on them in my younger days so they bring back happy memories for me, loved the speed of the spinning. My Grandchildren love them too

  8. I love roller coasters because they give you such an adrenaline buzz. I also find water rides really good fun.

  9. I haven’t been to any big theme parks but taking my son on his first roller coaster at a small theme park near by was probably my favourite

  10. I like a simple small log flume, they are usually just one small drop, I don’t do too well with most rides!

  11. The Nemesis at Alton Towers all time fave so i guess rollercoasters with an honourable mention to a good ghost train

  12. I love Dodgems – it’s fun and you can take your frustration out harmlessly on strangers – a great stress reliever

  13. I love any heart stopping rollercoaster the spinball wizard and excalibur in alton towers are amazing! i just love anything fast paced and that has the scare factor

  14. I don’t go on them anymore but I have a mega soft spot for an old ghost train, the tackier the better.

  15. HAven’t been to a theme park in years, but I used to love the roller coasters. The pure rush of them was amazing.

  16. I love the water rides, the ones where they drop you from up high and you get soaked at the bottom! I just love the water

  17. I love log flumes, river rapids etc as usually the whole family can go them. They’re great for cooling off if it’s a really hot day too

  18. I always loved log flumes and water rides. Everyone can enjoy them and you never know how drenched you’re going to get!

  19. I’ve entered the twitter entries but they won’t close to enter.
    Amazing competition this is number 1 on my daughters Christmas list.

  20. I love the roller coasters as they’re fast and great fun, but only if they’re not too wild, and not upside down!

  21. I’m not a ride fan but my daughters face on the Peppa pig rides at Paultons Park was more than worth it, she loved the Queen water ride the best

  22. Perhaps theme parks could / should consider a range of fairground rides, forms of entertainment which appeal to folks who are not “Adrenalin Junkies” , ” Thrill Seekers”, etc. As variety is the spice of life. Allows a group with individuals with a variety of interests :- Such as families, Intergenerational group, etc.

    Also may slow down the pressures for faster rides :- Which can have increased Risks. Which older people, those with arthritis, etc cannot make use of. Equality and Diversity. Health and Safety. Family Day Out, etc, etc, etc.

  23. Know someone whom their biggest disappointment at requiring a heart pacemakers was :- That could no longer ride the dogems at the Fair. As advised to ensure that no impact / bump / contact sports as Heart pacemaker within chest, u der skin and muscle, and required consideration and protection. Health and Safety.

  24. Im a huge big kid when it comes to rides!!! i am a huge rollercoaster enthusiast , everything from the smell of the oil, the sound of it chanking up the hill lift fills me with excitement!!

  25. The thunder looper at Alton towers, that was a while back though. It was wet and didn’t stop in the right place to let you off, so they had to push it back. Health and safety ftw

  26. The Revolution at Blackpool pleasure beach. Super fast acceleration forward, and then that wait to speed off backwards down the loop.

  27. I love the water rides. I used to love spinny rides but now I cant go on them as my head will spin and I will feel sick all day. The joys of being an adult!

  28. My favourite theme park ride is usually a straightforward forward facing rollercoaster with no upside downs or spinning.

  29. Love Phantom Manor/Haunted Mansion in both Disney Parks. We went on the one in Paris 5 times in one go as there was no queue so we just walked back it. Love being scared (well know what I mean) and all the effects they use. First time you go on you don’t know what to expect and the second time you see things you missed the first time round.

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