Project 365 2019 Week 41

Project 365 2019 Week 41

Project 365 2019 Week 41 Day 279 – 285

Sunday 6th October – Day 279

Bletchley Park

We were invited to spend the day at Bletchley Park, home of the code breakers.  My son is learning about WWII at the moment so the visit was perfectly timed.

Monday 7th October – Day 280

cat love

Paddington is seven months old today and we’re starting to see a slight thawing in relations with Brewster.

Tuesday 8th October – Day 281

Project 365 2019 Week 41

My son has been inspired by our visit to Bletchley Park to create his own code for us to break.

I made a caramel apple crumble for pudding and it was delicious – how have I not discovered Carnation Caramel before!

Wednesday 9th October – Day 282

Project 365 2019 Week 41

A rainy start to the day and Paddington decided to give me kittens.  He’s so much more adventurous than Brewster and this morning he decided he’d walk to school with us.  We managed to shoo him back about halfway, but when I was walking home there he was waiting for me at the end of an alleyway which leads to the road.  At that time of day, there are so many silly drivers trying to drop kids off, it could be a recipe for disaster.  I had to scoop him up, carry him home and deposit him in the back garden before going to work.

After I’d finished the second job I tried to sort out my glove box issue.  I’d found a supposed fix on the internet, but it didn’t work.  Rang the garage and they didn’t seem fazed and will sort it out for me on Monday before sorting the brakes discs and MOT.

We pass the Gargoyle house every day and today after school my son decided it was about time he had his photo taken with one of them.

Thursday 10th October – Day 283

Project 365 2019 Week 41

A busy workday for me but apparently I’m also there to open and close the patio door a million times a day to let one or both cats in and out.

It was wear something yellow to school to raise awareness of mental health issues.  This photo is the I’m in a foul mood Mummy and am storming off ahead of you.  It was a warning of what was to come when we got home.  It was not a good evening.

Friday 11th October – Day 284

two tuxedo cats

A busy day for me workwise and thankfully my son was in a slightly better mood after school today.

As Paddington gets older and bigger it’s not always easy to work out who is who.

Saturday 12th October – Day 285

Red Velvet frosted loaf with berries

The weather was rubbish and my son was on a mission.  We opened the door to the spare room and decided to tackle the mess.  He decided it was time to put his wooden train track, castle, airport and fire engine up in the loft ready for his own children (he’s a planner like his mother!). He was also ready to sort through the mountain of toys and games he doesn’t play with.  He’s agreed that I can sell them and we’ll use the money to buy something he really does want.  Progress.  We can now see the carpet, I’m not even kidding. But I do have a stack of things behind the sofa now to get rid of – Facebook selling sites are not my favourite places.

I made a red velvet loaf with frostings and berries as a dessert.  It’s lush but it didn’t turn out red so no idea why not.

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 2019 Week 41

  1. I’m very impressed that your son is willing to put stuff away and to sell it. Sorry to hear you both had a bad evening, good to hear that he’d calmed down a bit the next day. I love the photo with the gargoyle and it’s very nice to see the two cats together.

  2. The cats are very alike now aren’t they? I’m glad they are getting on better. Well done on getting the toys cleared away. I think I’m just going to get rid of H’s as most never made their way back to the room after we redecorated last year.

  3. Oh wow! Brewster and Paddington seem to be getting on! I hope it lasts! Paddington walking to school did make me chuckle. I hope it was just a one off though. It does sounds pretty dangerous. The cats do look so alike.
    The code breaking sounds like a lot of fun. Your boy looks very pleased with his code.
    That dessert looks amazing! x

  4. I’m with you – FB selling groups are awful, even if you do manage to sell things for free over ebay. We have dogs that like to follow us, but the cats on the farm have been invisible recently. I haven’t seen any of them for months.

  5. I’m very impressed that your son is willing to put stuff away and to sell it, I am far from a hoarder. Sorry to hear you both had a bad evening, that’s not good, but glad it calmed down. I do love the gargoyle. And lovely to see the kittys xx

      1. Yay for the progress. I am popping w few things away for if we ever have grandchildren! I have been trying to sell a few things on eBay but without much luck. Lovely to hear things might be getting better between Brewster and Paddington x

  6. Oh the red velvet loaf looks delicious!

    Glad that Paddington and Brewster seem to be getting on better. Hopefully Paddington doesn’t keep trying to follow you each day.

  7. Oh dear I’m not impressed with Thursday at all. Do tell F I’m rethinking whether I should leave the bday present with you on Sunday lol. That cake looks yummy, even more so because I know i can’t eat it

  8. I’m so envious you went to visit the Bletchley park. It’s on my wish list. Big well done to Monkey for creating his own code for you to crack. Love his photo with the gargoyle.
    The cats are gorgeous, as always. And the cake looks so tasty.

  9. What food colouring did you use? Some aren’t stable enough to use in baking. We need to have a major turn out of toys as we have so many. I have just booked a stall at the Christmas fair so hope to get rid of lots in one go! #project365

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