Getting Ready for a New Pet in the Home

Getting Ready for a New Pet in the Home – collaborative post

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If you are thinking of getting a new pet for the family, then it can be a really exciting time. But if you are new to pet ownership, or your children haven’t been around pets before, it can be a steep learning curve. So it is best to be prepared and plan ahead as much as possible. Then you can make the time that you bring your pet home, a happy and exciting day. Everyone in the house might be bursting with excitement and be keen to get the pet out to play with it, but for the animal, in a brand new setting, can take a while for them to get used to it. After all, they are on their own in a new place with people that they don’t know. So here is how you can make the transition easier for all.

Getting Ready for a New Pet in the Home

Take things slowly

No matter how excited you will all be about the arrival of your new pet, it can be a good idea to keep the homecoming quite low key. It can be easy to show the new pet a lot of excitement and affection, especially if you have little ones, but some time for the pet to get used to their surroundings is much needed. Supervise your children with the pet, and then give them some time out. If you have a puppy or a kitten, for example, then think about allowing them to settle in gradually and in their own time. That will be better for everyone than a lot of overwhelming games and cuddles. 

Make things familiar

Your new pet is still small, and in many cases, brand new. Until now, their life is likely to have just been in one place, with their parents and siblings as their company. All of that familiarity will be gone. If you are able to keep things familiar, such as getting some bedding or a blanket that they have had until now, then it can offer some comfort as it gives them a touch of home. 

The right equipment in place

Much like a new baby in the house, a new pet in the house will need a certain amount of ‘stuff’ to help them. It will depend on the pet as to what they will need, but having the things in place can make a real difference. If you have a puppy, then a comfortable place for them to sleep is important, as well as things like puppy milk, chew toys, and other toys. A kitten will find a litter tray a must, and things like a scratching post important too. 

Create a list of rules

Before you bring your puppy home, it can be helpful to agree on a list of house rules with your family. It is important that all members of the family have some consistent rules so that the pet knows what to expect, and you all can keep things the same. For example, a puppy will get confused if one member of the family allows it to sleep on the bed or on the couch, but if other family members don’t allow it, then it could cause some behavioural problems. So keep things as consistent as you can. 


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