Project 366 2020 Week 11

Project 366 2020 Week 11

Project 366 2020 Week 11 Day 68-74 The week with another funeral and a trip to the eye hospital clinic.

Sunday 8th March – Day 68

Project 366 2020 Week 11

A home day.  My son spent most of it in the garden playing in his mud pit which is thankfully hidden behind the back of the garage.  I was quite amazed to spot his cleaning his boots without any nagging!! Although I’m not sure his spade was the best tool for the job.

I was still feeling shattered from last weekend, and gave in and went to bed in the afternoon – woke up 5 hours later!

Monday 9th March – Day 69

Project 366 2020 Week 11

Why does it always rain just before you need to walk to school?  Always!

Tuesday 10th March – Day 70

Project 366 2020 Week 11

I spent the day down in Hertfordshire at the funeral of one of Dad’s cousins. As we waited for the funeral party to arrive there were birds singing in the trees.  It was such a tranquil place. Funerals are never easy for anyone but it was lovely to meet so many people with stories to tell and I was glad to be there to support her sister, who is an amazing lady, who we are very fond of.

I was grateful to my son’s best friends Mum who picked my son up from school and gave him his dinner.  It allowed me a few minutes of peace when I got home.

Wednesday 11th March – Day 71

Project 366 2020 Week 11

This boy is catching me up way too quickly for my liking!  He was off on a school trip to Oxford today and I went to the eye hospital clinic to get my eye pressures assessed following my optician flagging an issue with them in November.  One of my friends took me as I’m not allowed to drive after the tests.  I was feeling slightly apprehensive as I wasn’t sure what to expect and the thought that my eyes are letting me down is a little concerning.  I’d hoped that the pressure levels would have gone down and I’d be sent on my way, but unfortunately, they’ve gone up again instead. So I’m now under the eye hospital for life.

Paddington is the talk of our part of the housing estate.  A school mum came up to me this morning, asking if it was my cat with the massive bushy tail.  Yes, that’ll be Paddington.  Apparently he likes to try and get in their car!

My son had a good time on his trip but was in a foul mood after school, which wasn’t the best timing.  All good fun.

Thursday 12th March – Day 72

Project 366 2020 Week 11

I was woken up in the early hours by the wind and torrential rain, it had calmed down by breakfast time but started up just before the walk to school.  Sod’s law, the win and rain stopped as I got back home and the sun came out.

Working from home day and I had the news on in the background all day listening to the Coronavirus updates and hoping that schools in the UK aren’t going to shut.

I’ve needed to update my glasses prescription, not related to my pressure issue and ordered some online yesterday.  Today I received a measuring guide for their fitting process, I’ve saved so much money by ordering online and my friend had a further discount voucher, so fingers crossed I’ll be happy with them when they come.

Friday 13th March – Day 73

Project 366 2020 Week 11

Double work day and picked up my Granny’s engagement ring from the jewellers which they’ve resized slightly so it’s more secure.

Paddington had had a busy day and spent time snoozing while I worked.

As soon as school was finished we headed up the motorway for an overnight stay with my best friend in Derbyshire.  After a lovely meal out at one of favourite pubs, we headed back to watch a film and have a good catch up.  My son was asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow, and my friend and I stayed up chatting into the early hours.

Saturday 14th March – Day 74

Ticknall Tramway Trail

After breakfast, we headed over to Calke Abbey and went for a walk which included part of the old Ticknall Tramway Trail.  It was lovely to get outdoors for a few hours and we’d certainly earned our lunch.

We are al watching the coronavirus updates with interest, especially as my parents live in Spain and my bestie is meant to fly out to Lanzarote in less than a fortnight.  Spain is now in lockdown as is my Auntie’s care home.  I don’t think any of us really knows what’s going to happen next.

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18 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 11

  1. A mud pit in the garden sounds amazing. What a lucky boy you have. Well done to him for cleaning his boots.
    Ahh! I don’t miss doing the school run. It’s sods law that it will always rain.
    So sorry about your dad’s cousin.
    hehehe. The tales about Paddington do make me chuckle. He sounds such a character. x

  2. The mud pit sounds fab – I’d have loved that as a kid ! And even better if he cleans off his boots ! Hope your glasses are just right – what a fab way to save money. I spend a fortune on the kids’ glasses so I should investigate. We’re one step ahead of you for the coronavirus in France . Schools are closed as from tomorrow (now have to figure out how to get lessons online and pick up work via internet) and as from last night, anything non essential (all shops except food shops, chemists, garages and tobacconists,plus cinemas, museums, libraries, swimming pools, etc) is shut. Who knows what will happen next ?!

    1. Cleaning boots with a shovel? Interesting. True, it tends to rain when I decide to take my dog out for a walk. So sorry to hear about your loss. I think it’s wonderful to hear memories of your loved ones. I hope your son enjoyed his trip and your eye pressure improves. Cool trip to tramway trail. Stay safe!

  3. Such a mixed week of good stuff and sad news/events. I bet you’re worried about your mum and dad. My mum was merrily out with the Things today wandering around town, you know the attitude ‘not on my door step’ lol Everything over here is closed now apart from the malls and supermarkets which are like ghost towns, if I do get back to the UK, week after next, I’ll be self isolating as I really don’t want to be picking it up in the UK

  4. Love Paddington’s cheekiness. Even our dogs don’t try that. Glad you got up to see your friend. It’s such a stressful time at the moment, but more so with family abroad and in care homes.

  5. Lovely selfie of you with Monkey, he looks so grown-up now. It’s quite scary how quickly our boys grow up. The other day one of Eddie’s pics popped up on Memories FB, when he was a toddler. He had such lovely squeezable cheeks. I miss those days of having a little one around, but of course, they must grow up, our men.
    Love the rain photo, it’s fantastic, with the face barely seen through the rain. Lol @ Paddington! What a character.
    Sorry to hear you had to attend yet another funeral.
    Hope the tests help to figure out what to do with the eye pressure.

  6. Hope the glasses turn out ok. The ones I ordered online weren’t so good, but my optician said that’s probably because of my prescription being quite strong. Monkey is getting big now. H is living for the day he overtakes me (not a huge amount of time away).

  7. Well I guess the mud would be soggy wet
    Oh no at another funeral, sending hugs.
    Glad you are still getting out. The rain is a pain at school times as they send up sitting in wet clothes all day.
    Never tried getting glasses on line

  8. Love that your son has a mud pit in the garden to play in. Sorry that you’ve had another family funeral to attend and that your eye pressures have gone up. Hope you get your new glasses soon. I’ve never tried ordering glasses online before. That tramway trail walk looks interesting. Everything feels so very uncertain at the moment with the coronavirus. I hope your parents are doing ok in Spain. #project366

  9. Mud pit sounds fun!

    Sorry to hear about the eye pressure. I think I should try ordering glasses online next time!

    Had to smile reading that Paddington was trying to get into others cars

  10. I’m even missing the soggy school runs at the moment! We have been out and about in our garden this week but need to find some places to walk #project366

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