Project 366 2020 Week 21

Project 366 2020 Week 21

Project 366 2020 Week 21 Day 138 – 144 Another week of lockdown and school at home for my son

Sunday 17th May – Day 138

Project 366 2020 Week 21

We went on our first ‘non-time restricted time’ walk today and explored more footpaths from our doorstep. My son loved this hollowed out old tree.  We discovered that there had once been a wooden castle in a village close by and showed my son where we’d had our NCT classes before he was born.

Monday 18th May – Day 139

Project 366 2020 Week 21

It was a meltdown by 10 am kind of day.  What joy.

Once school and work were done and my son had calmed down, we went for a walk around our estate.  We had a social distanced chat with a work friend I haven’t seen since lockdown, bumped into my son’s best friend and his family out on their exercise walk as well as this caterpillar ambling across the path.  We didn’t bring him home as I needed to go shopping on the way home, didn’t think Tesco would fancy a caterpillar visiting!

Tuesday 19th May – Day 140

Project 366 2020 Week 21

It was a lovely sunny day so when work was done I got all of the old playthings out of the garage.  I expected my son to agree that we should let his tunnel, teepee and castle tent go, but no, apparently they are still fun.

Wednesday 20th May – Day 141


After I’d finished work for the day we had fun with felt tip pens, kitchen towel and water.  My son was fascinated by the effects and watching the colours creep up the towel. Cheap fun which kept him entertained for ages.

Thursday 21st May – Day 142

Project 366 2020 Week 21

After work, we drove into town to go to Sainsbury’s and Argos.  It’s the first time we’d been since they’d closed the upper level in the car park and I wasn’t sure how busy it would be.  But we queued for less than five minutes and were in and out again in no time.

Back in the garden and I’ve been clearing away thirty years of ivy growth from our back fence over the week.  It’s been quite a challenge but we’re getting there now.  It’s so hard to grow anything in our garden but the green was becoming overwhelming.

Friday 22nd May – Day 143

Project 366 2020 Week 21

Work’s been pretty full-on all week and I’ve been trying to tie up loose ends before I end for my holiday.  The laptop is now switched off for work until Tuesday 2nd June, except for two hours I have to work next Friday.  I really need to just have a break right now.  I’ve got lots of blogging to try to catch up with, but hopefully, I’ll be a little less tired in the evenings without school work to argue over in the coming week.

This is the face of a boy who received some special post today.  Our relatives in Canada had told us to expect something coming from the Netherlands from them that was Lego related.  They’d kindly ordered some Indiana Jones pieces for him and he was over the moon when he opened the package to discover them all.  One very happy boy was quiet for ages afterwards.

We watched The Sound of Music musical on Youtube after dinner.  We both agreed that it wasn’t as good as the actual film but was still good to see it.

Saturday 23rd May – Day 144

Lego woods

We’d planned to go for a long walk before lunch but no one woke up before 9 am.  Unheard of in this house.  So we all agreed that actually what we really needed was a chill-out day doing not a lot.  I was actually allowed to build something with some of the new Lego pieces my son received recently.

In the evening we watched The King’s Speech, I wasn’t sure my son would enjoy it, but he seems to like historical dramas at the moment.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. It sounds like you’ve had some good walks out with lots of dicoveries.
    Your son sure looks like he’s having fun in the tunnel. It sounds like you’ve made good progress in your garden.
    Enjoy the the break from work. It sounds like you need it. You certainly deserve it! x

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