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Project 365 2019 Week 28-29

Project 365 2019 Week 28-29 Day 188 – 201  Sunday 7th July – Day 188 We got Daddy P out of the house bright and early and headed over to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre for a few hours.  They had a standard steam day, and we’re making good use of our annual pass.  I think my […]

Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

Revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm

Are you guilty of visiting somewhere, enjoying it, vowing to go back soon and then it never quite happens?  I know I am and this was proved once again when my son and I spent his recent inset day revisiting Green Dragon Eco Farm in Buckinghamshire. It’s hard to believe that it has been over […]

Construction brick fun with Strictly Briks

Construction brick fun with Strictly Briks – AD sent for review

It will come as no surprise that my nine-year-old son is often happiest when he’s creating things.  I gave up on having a toy-free living room years ago and these days his small world play creations are on view for all to see.  He’s been adding to his builds and having construction brick fun with […]

4 Times You’ll be Glad You’ve Got Wireless Headphones – collaborative post

disclosure: this is a collaborative post Do you keep seeing people with wireless headphones? It’s become a huge trend, and when you look into, it’s easy to see why. You might have been curious about little earbuds that seem to be missing their cables, or people that look like they’re talking to themselves in the […]