It’s amazing Mummy! #MagicMoments

Monkey is not the most confident little chap, he takes a while to suss out new environments and is normally to be found attached to my leg!  He likes the swings, but has very little interest in the slide, and zero interest in climbing frames and soft play centres –… Continue reading »

Postal cake? That’s my kind of delivery

We are big cake lovers in this house, I do a fair bit of baking myself, but when Baker Days offered to give me some time off I jumped at the chance! So who are Baker Days and what do they do? The Baker Days website makes it simple to… Continue reading »

Photo of the week – our Lackey’s moth

I’m linking up with Team Lloyd again this week for Photo of the Week. Regular readers of my blog will know for the last few weeks I’ve kept a caterpillar diary as our resident caterpillar started to pupate and earlier this week it emerged as a moth – a Lackey’s… Continue reading »

PosterFriend – a great way of showing off your Facebook photos

Do you have loads of photographs linked to your Facebook account? I know I do, and most were taken on my phone and have never been printed out. Then I was introduced to PosterFriend, PosterFriendTM lets you select your favourite Facebook pictures of you and your friends and quickly create… Continue reading »

My saggy old cat Monty

My Saggy old cat

I’m joining in with Animal Tales over at Eco-Gites of Lenault, but thought before I could share tales of our 2 and half year old cat Brewster, I should share an old post about his predecessor.  This was written in June 2013. A year ago today, I had to say… Continue reading »

What a wonderful week – Grand Prix and the RSPB

What a wonderful week, and all thanks to blogging 🙂 At the beginning of the week I was starting to get grumpy about not being able to afford to go to the Grand Prix (my sacrifice for being a Stay at Home Mum) this weekend, as you can see in… Continue reading »