Early Reader review for Orion Childrens Books

As you will know from reading my blog I am passionate about reading and about spending quality time with Monkey encouraging his love of books. We spend a lot of time reading at home and borrowing books from the library. We were thrilled to be asked by the lovely people… Continue reading »

Another hungry caterpillar

So our caterpillar saga continues.  Following on from yesterday’s post, Monkey woke up this morning asking where the caterpillar was –  aargh!!  Well obviously caterpillar was nowhere to be found in the garden. We walked to pre-school will eagle eyes looking for another one, nothing.  Nothing when I walked home… Continue reading »

Our very own Hungry Caterpillar

You know we’re into butterflies and bugs in this house, right?  Well today Monkey had a first experience, and who didn’t have her camera or phone with her!!?? We needed to post a birthday card so Monkey and I went for a short walk to our nearest letterbox this afternoon. … Continue reading »

Mr Kipling still makes exceeding good cakes – Strawberry Fancies

Something arrived in the post today which took me straight back to my childhood and visits to my Granny.  We’ve all heard of Mr (& now Mrs!) Kipling and his wonderful cakes right? I for one, grew up with his fruit pies, cherry bakewells and other wonders. But the one… Continue reading »

Shoulder To Shoulder To Day #S2S2D

Today myself and Whiskey for Aftershave are co-hosting the #S2S2D. It’s an honour to be part of this blog hop – which was originally set up to cheer up Emma at Crazy with Twins whilst she was isolated from her children after recent intensive radiotherapy treatment for a Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma…. Continue reading »

Watching Monkey grow up

I love watching Monkey grow up. It never ceases to amaze me what little sponges children are.  Monkey is absorbing all kinds of information and his play becomes full of his wonderful imagination. I watch my friends babies and it’s quite wonderful to think how much they will learn in… Continue reading »