A family of swimmers #MagicMoments

A family of swimmers

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while and especially if you follow me on Facebook, you will know that Monkey and I are both learning to swim.  I’ve been overcoming my real fear of water since the Spring and was always adamant that Monkey would not share my… Continue reading »

Swimming success #MagicMoments

swimming success

I haven’t joined in with #MagicMoments over the summer, I just had to step back and enjoy my last summer with Monkey before he starts school on Wednesday.  But something happened on Friday night, something that for me is such a huge personal Magic Moment – swimming success. As regular… Continue reading »

An evening at the beach

An evening at the beach

I’ve talked before about the friends I’ve made through blogging, and recently Monkey and I went for a sleepover with Tina at The Soup Dragon Says.  We’d been to a PR event in Bognor Regis for the afternoon and then went back to Tina’s for dinner. The boys tried out Monkey’s… Continue reading »

Swimming progress #MagicMoments

swimming progress

As you may know I started my swimming lessons back in March.  I had had lessons 20 odd years ago, but I didn’t get far, my fears remained, I never really got there.  So I’ve spent most Friday evenings since March having an hours lesson.  It’s been a shock, I… Continue reading »

Guru Gramps on display

Guru Gramps on Display

If you caught my #CountryKids post over the weekend you will know that we visited the Oxford University Museum of Natural History over the last half term.  We spent the morning on a wonderful dinosaur adventure, went out for lunch and returned in the afternoon to explore the displays on… Continue reading »

Monkey makes it to Countryfile

Monkey makes it to Countryfile

You may remember that Monkey and I visited Wendover Woods recently to try out the Gruffalo trail that was being filmed by the BBC. It was a totally magical day and Monkey hasn’t stopped talking about it since.  We’d been told that the BBC Countryfile programme would be airing on… Continue reading »