Magic Moments – meeting Monkey’s buddies and watching them grow up

Like lots of expectant parents we joined NCT ante-natal classes.  I joined more to meet local soon to be Mum’s really, I worked away from where we lived and had no friends here at the time. After the classes we all swapped email addresses and mobile numbers and agreed to… Continue reading »

Giving something back to our Children’s Centre

We are very lucky to have two fantastic Children’s Centres here.  Now Monkey is at pre-school we don’t get to use them so much, but what a godsend they’ve been in the past! We went to a lot of their Stay and Play sessions from birth onwards, and I was… Continue reading »

Simple things – feeding the ducks

What a lovely day it’s been today – sunshine 🙂 Firstly we got together with some of our NCT group for a play session, and also to wish a little chap happy 1st birthday for tomorrow.  He’s the eldest of our second generation kiddies – where HAS that year gone!!!… Continue reading »

Brewster is nearly 10 months old

Brewster is nearly 10 months old now, and still totally mad.  Today he has a new take on shopping …. and is now sitting next to my laptop enjoying my latest blog post – good taste! 🙂 Got to love him x

A trip to a waterfowl sanctuary

Today Monkey and I picked up my eldest niece and off we went, wellies on foot to the Water Fowl Sanctuary and Children’s Farm to see what we could find. We started off inside being introduced to some of the newest members of the sanctuary …. Then off we went… Continue reading »

Funny things Monkey says round 2 :)

Yesterday I cooked Guinea Fowl for Sunday dinner.  I love it, but it was the first time Monkey had tried it.  I told him what it was and he tucked in – yum yum.  He enjoyed it so much he asked …. Mummy can I have some more Guinea Pig… Continue reading »