Making the world better with pets

Making the world better with pets #WeAreBetterWithPets

I’ve had a pet of one sort or another, pretty much my entire life.  From terrapins, to tortoises, cats, rabbits and a dog, a pet has always been close to my heart.  Except perhaps my brothers gerbils and hamsters, who all had rather sharp teeth, but we’ll gloss over that. I think it’s really important for…Continue reading Making the world better with pets #WeAreBetterWithPets

Brewster feasts with PetShop Bowl

Brewster feasts with

We have a diva in the house, a feline diva, called Brewster.  He’s rather particular about what he’ll eat but he’s been in for a treat. Brewster feasts with is a nationwide home delivery subscription service to pet food. We are a young company with a team of friendly, helpful staff dedicated to saving…Continue reading Brewster feasts with