Spookley the Square Pumpkin DVD Review and Giveaway

Spookley the Square Pumpkin

We’re frantically trying to grow pumpkins in the garden but without much success.  Have you ever heard of a square pumpkin? No?  Well, neither had I.  Until we received a new DVD title being released on 30th September by Abbey Home Media  – Spookley the Square Pumpkin. Spookley the Square… Continue reading »

64 Zoo Lane – The Story of the Jungle Ball DVD review

Monday see’s the release of the latest DVD for 64 Zoo Lane – The Story of the Jungle Ball. The Story of the Jungle Ball is just one of 9 episodes from series 4 of 64 Zoo Lane which features on this brand new DVD.  The DVD runs for over… Continue reading »

Chugger of the Year – a DVD review

We love Chuggington in this house, Monkey has been a huge fan for a couple of years.  I think regular readers might have guessed as much considering we named our cat Brewster when he arrived last August!  In fact, Monkey really wanted to call him Koko, but I didn’t want… Continue reading »

Mister Maker: That Gives Me an Idea! Watch & Make Vol 5 DVD Review

We first discovered Mister Maker on Cbeebies about a year ago, and although Monkey was only 2 and a half at the time he was totally mesmerised by the programme and I was instructed to record it religiously! For those of you who have been visiting Mars recently, Mister Maker… Continue reading »

Tractor Ted – DVD review – Meets the Horses

As you’ll remember from my previous post we were recently sent some lovely goodies by the people at Tractor Ted. Tractor Ted is a little green tractor who lives in Tractorland. Today we decided to watch a DVD, Tractor Ted Meets the Horses. In this DVD we get to meet… Continue reading »

Olly the Little White Van – Catch Me if You Can DVD review

My 3 and half-year old son loves Olly the Little White Van and his adventures, so we were really excited to receive a copy of the Catch Me if You Can DVD last week. Olly is a cheerful little white van who loves helping his friends, he doesn’t always get… Continue reading »