immink Childs Hoody – a review

immink Childs Hoody

I love buying clothes for Monkey, he just keeps growing out of them!  Most inconsiderate of him. Monkey is 4 years old next week, I’m still in shock about that fact – only seems 5 minutes ago, I was thinking about his 3rd birthday.  He’s had an early birthday present… Continue reading »

Winter warmers for my wardrobe

winter warmers for my wardrobe

I think spending a week in the Spanish sun has really made me feel colder now I’m home.  I’ve been sorting out my wardrobe and need some new winter warmers for my wardrobe.  Since I’ve been a stay at home Mum, I tend not to spend money on myself.  That’s… Continue reading »

Keeping me warm on Bonfire Night

Keeping me warm on Bonfire Night

I’m always cold, I was most certainly born in the wrong country.  I need warmth all year round! I’m the kind of person who visits the likes of Thailand, turns the air conditioning off and sleeps under duvets, blankets and sheets.  Yes, I really have done that, on every holiday… Continue reading »

Cool design for Monkey

cool design for Monkey

Before I became a Mum I worked in Export Sales and one of my regular trips was to Gothenburg in Sweden.  I loved the area, the people, the fantastic food and depending on my flight times I sometimes got a few minutes to wander around the shops close to my… Continue reading »

I need a new dress

i need a new dress

I’ve been looking through my wardrobe and not getting much inspiration lately.  I seem to live in jeans most of the time and when I do get to go out – I look through my clothes and just go ‘aargh’ – I desperately need a new dress.  So money is… Continue reading »

New winter coat

new winter coat

You’ve read the title of this post and shouted ‘what!!! – the sun’s still out!’ Right?  Well I do like to be organised, don’t I?  Yes, I need a new winter coat.  I’ve got my boringly practical Mummy pre-school waterproof mac that will save me from getting drenched at the… Continue reading »