Guinness World Record Challenges game – sent for review

Guinness World Record Challenges game

I can remember as a child that Record Breakers was one of my favourite TV programmes to watch with my brother.  Watching people from around the world breaking all sorts of records was always inspiring, even if some of them were rather bizarre.  Now my own son is about to… Continue reading »

Getting to grips with the SET card game (sent for review)

Getting to grips with the SET card game

We were recently sent a new game to try out as part of the Asmodee UK Blogger board game club and this one really does make you think.  Getting to grips with the SET card game takes a bit of reading of the rules, but once you’ve grasped them, it’s a… Continue reading »

Who Did It? #BoardGameClub (sent for review)

Who Did It?

We’ve been having fun with a new game recently, and as my son loves anything that relates to bodily functions (he’s a boy what can I say!) it’d been a big hit.  We were sent Who Did It? by Asmodee UK as part of the Blogger Board Game Club and… Continue reading »

Word Bandit – review and giveaway

Word Bandit

As you all know, I’m always looking for new ways to encourage my son to read and help with his spellings.  As soon as Drumond Park mentioned their new game aimed at players aged 8 years and over I knew I’d found another tool for my armoury!  Word Bandit is a… Continue reading »

Foxy Pants – review and giveaway

Foxy Pants

We’ve needed some light entertainment here lately and when we received Foxy Pants from Drumond Park, I knew we could have a bit of fun.  The game is aimed at players aged 4 years and over and can be played with 2-4 players. Foxy Pants comes with a fox, 21… Continue reading »

Getting to grips with Nintendo Labo

Getting to grips with Nintendo Labo

I was looking for different ideas to keep my eight year old son entertained over the summer holidays and wanted a few options for things to do at home. When the idea of combining his love of construction with the ability to play games with his creations was mentioned to… Continue reading »