Pig Goes Pop! – game review

Pig Goes Pop

Monkey will be 4 in December and I’ve noticed recently that his concentration levels when playing games is definately improving.  I’m always on the look out for something fun for us to try at home and when Drumond Park offered to send us Pig Goes Pop! I was interested to… Continue reading »

Eco Town Game by Wonderworld – a review

You may remember that I’ve reviewed a few Wonderworld games and toys before – The Eco-house, Penguin Rescuer Game and the Trix Track 2 Way Flipper, all on behalf of the The Toadstool on-line toy shop.  Well The Toadstool decided we needed a new challenge, and knowing Monkey’s fascination with… Continue reading »

Chuggington #my99psummer

As you know we’re taking part in the @99pstoresUK challenge – #my99psummer.  We’ve been busy over the summer holidays so far – painting a jeep, flying planes and gliders, frisbee throwing as well as mobile making. As we’d recently reviewed the Chugger of the Year DVD I decided to continue… Continue reading »

#my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update

Following on from my initial #my99psummer post, I decided we must be due for a #my99psummer with @99pstoresuk update!  So here it is. Monkey has been obsessed with all things aviation since our aviation day and then our trip to the Air Tattoo at Fairford a couple of weeks ago…. Continue reading »

Avalanche Fruit Stand – a game review for Learning Resources

Daddy P comes from a long line of Greengrocers and we’ve always made a point of sharing his family history with Monkey.  I love games, toys and books that relate to our family – whether it be a love of nature or the ‘family business’.  When Learning Resources asked me… Continue reading »

Farmyard Dominoes – a review for Orchard Toys

We love all things Farms as you can tell from the amount of Farms we visit! We were really thrilled to be asked by Orchard Toys to review one of their games recently, and when they suggested we look at Farmyard Dominoes, I knew we’d be on to a winner…. Continue reading »