TeaIndia – a new taste of tea for me

I received a lovely little sample package from TeaIndia a few days ago. I noticed their Facebook page in the week, and they offer some teas that I have never tried before so I requested the samples which have now arrived.  I know that you should never judge anything by… Continue reading »

Talking Tips for Kids

As regular readers will know, Monkey’s speech was delayed, it caused some anxiety for me at the time, and lots of frustration for him.  At 2 years of age the expected level is to be able to have a 50 word vocabulary and be able to put 3-5 words together. … Continue reading »

Baking with tea? Seriously I have …..

Baking with tea?  Yes, seriously, I have tried it today, all thanks to a request from the lovely people at teapigs.  You may remember my Iced Tea post from a few weeks ago, when I received a variety of teas from teapigs.  I tried a couple of different Iced Teas… Continue reading »

Tractor Ted – DVD review – Meets More Animals and Showtime

As you’ll remember from my previous post we were recently sent some lovely goodies by the people at Tractor Ted.   Tractor Ted is a little green tractor who lives in Tractorland. Today we decided to watch a couple of the DVD’s, the first being Tractor Ted Meets More Animals…. Continue reading »

BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge with Moneysupermarket.com As regular readers of my blog will know we’ve been encouraging my Monkey 3 and half-year old son to grow his own vegetables.  His seeds are sprouting and he makes a point of checking on their progress daily and… Continue reading »

Tesco cheese Entertaining range

Thanks to BzzAgent we’ve been trying out some new cheeses from Tesco. The first to try were 6 Goats’ Cheese parcels wrapped in Smoked Bacon I’m not the biggest fan of goat’s cheese so I purposely bought these to try for myself really.  Could I be swayed?  Also Monkey has… Continue reading »