3 Simple Strategies To Help Your Child With Maths

3 Simple Strategies To Help Your Child With Maths – collaborative post

3 Simple Strategies To Help Your Child With Maths

disclosure: this is a collaborative post

3 Simple Strategies To Help Your Child With Maths

As a parent, you’ll want to support your child’s education as much as you possibly can. Maths is one of those subjects that confuses some parents when it comes to homework help. It might be that you didn’t like maths yourself at school, or aren’t familiar with some of the new methods. The fact is though, supporting your children with their maths doesn’t have to be daunting nor a chore. Let’s consider a few simple strategies to approach helping with maths. 

Teach yourself 

Let’s face it if you can’t do the maths yourself you’re unlikely to be able to support your child fully. It’s a good idea to get yourself a textbook relevant to your child’s current level and teach yourself at least the basics. (You won’t need to do this if your kids are younger and only doing really simple maths!) Once you’ve gained a little more confidence yourself, you’ll be able to pass this onto your child. Having the answer booklet isn’t enough because to learn maths your child will need to hear about how you arrived at the answer. 

Identify weaknesses and strengths 

Learning maths relies upon a solid foundation from the very beginning. If your child doesn’t master the basic skills at the start, the rest will be harder to grasp too. To ensure that they do, you need to find out what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. Once you know where they are struggling; you can target these foundations and give them a fighting chance for when the problems get tougher. Have a detailed look at your child’s school report and look over their school books. Ask them what they have been doing in maths and what they find hard. Familiarise yourself with the national curriculum so that you know what they need to learn. Talk with your child’s teacher and ask them about any problem or weak areas. 

Turn it into a game 

If you want to help your kid grasp maths, the best thing to do is to make the learning fun. Try turning some maths concepts into games. You could use a ball game to help your child learn their multiplication tables. Simply throw the ball back and forth while calling out a set multiplication table. Use number floor cards that your child can jump on to show you the answers to addition problems. There are plenty of number toys that you can purchase and use at home together. You can also help your child by emphasising the maths in everyday situations from cooking to going to the shops. 

The thing to remember is not to pass on any dislike of maths onto your child. It’s a bad idea to tell them that you didn’t like it in school (even if it’s true)! If your child has a positive view of maths from the start, they are far more likely to enjoy it and succeed. Inspiring your kid to learn starts with lots of praise and encouragement. 

disclosure:  this is a collaborative post

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