5 Sanity Saving Tips for Mums of Boys

5 Sanity Saving Tips for Mums of Boys

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Here are 5 Sanity Saving Tips for Mums of Boys, do you have any more to add?

Sometimes boys can wear you down, not because they’re being purposefully mean but because they simply have so much energy it can be hard to keep up with them. Boys have a certain stereotype around them, which suggests that they are naturally disruptive, naughty and act more physically aggressive in a social environment.

This sweeping stereotype is starting to hold them back in school, after all if you are told you are being naughty often enough you probably start to believe it. Instead as a mother you should understand that boys usually have a lot more energy than you, simply due to more muscle mass, which requires more calories to burn off quickly. If their energy is not exercised correctly it usually turns into disobedience so it’s time to find a new way of saving your sanity. Here’s how:

1. Plan outside activity time

It’s raining, you don’t want to go outside but your boys are running around the house trying to use all their pent-up energy (and probably breaking things as they go). Send them into the garden wearing their rain gear to look for worms or play in the mud and enjoy a cup of tea while watching them from the kitchen window – just don’t let them bring their discoveries inside and be prepared to send them straight to the shower when they come back in.

5 sanity saving tips for mums of boys

2. Stay calm

Some days that last nerve can be played on pretty quickly and boys seem to have an expert way of getting you to snap – you might think it’s almost like a game for them! While you shouldn’t let them get away with being disrespectful to your belongings at home before you react to their mess take a moment to leave the room and collect yourself before telling them off. Flying off the handle will do nothing for your sanity and will also teach them to not let their emotions get the better of them.

3. Give in… sometimes

Kids always want the latest and greatest thing that, when you look at the price, you feel a little nauseous thinking of everything else you still need to pay for that month. Don’t panic, just find an alternative. You can find great deals at LamaLoLi on branded clothing while sites such as eBay can help you pick up second-hand toys for much cheaper than in the shops.

4. Try out essential oils

You send the boys off to bed and tuck them in, only to discover half hour later when you’re settling down in front of the TV with your partner (and a cheeky glass of wine) that you hear the pitter-patter of small feet above and the sound of toys being played with.

Boys aren’t subtle when they decide to misbehave. To save your sanity and make bedtime less strenuous try out some essential oils to help them fall asleep quicker.  Lavender is the best choice when it comes to calming little ones down and many Mummy bloggers swear by it. Some like to mix up their oils to create nice calming fragrances; check out this one, which combines five essential oils to keep them calm.

5. Always have a distraction

You’re out for a nice meal with your family but the restaurant doesn’t provide colouring books or distractions for children. The boys are starting to get disruptive, moaning that they’re bored, kicking each other under the table and pestering you while you just want to enjoy some time out of the house. Other tables are noticing your attempts to quieten them down (harsh whispering is louder than you think) but you can nip this episode in the bud if you always have a distraction in your bag.

Avoid the iPad or your phone but pass out a small pot of mouldable clay and tell them to make something or always have a notepad and pen so that they can play paper games. You’ll thank yourself later when you can tuck into your dinner knowing that they aren’t going to kick up a fuss.

Life with boys isn’t always hard work though, boys are charming, funny and mischievous and great fun to be around and you will always love them every minute of every day – just be prepared to consider extra measures to calm them down.

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