A big step for a little boy

A big step for a little boy

So we’ve started our first full week in Year One, and last week was a bit of a rollercoaster for us all.  To be honest, I’ve felt all the stress of helping Monkey settle in to a new routine, has been firmly left with me.  I know it’s pretty much always us Mum’s that have to deal with the day-to-day ups and down of life with our children, but sometimes it would be nice for that burden to be shared a little more fairly.  As Daddy P works from home on Monday before beginning his 24 hour+ stint at work (don’t ask) I asked him to join us on the walk to school.  I wanted Monkey to feel that both of us were supporting him and that going to school with all the changes, was ok.  He would be ok.  It was time to take a big step for a little boy who is very wary of anything new.

A big step for a little boy

Monkey has never walked into his class without clinging on to me.  All except Friday, when his teacher performed a lightning manoeuvre which got him into the class before he knew it.  But I really wanted that step to be his own, made willingly and with confidence.  I know for most Mum’s of a nearly 6-year-old that this is something that they treat as normal, their kids have been doing it for ages.  It’s a massive ask for this little boy, huge.  Could he do it?

He held Daddy P’s hand tightly all the way to school, chatting as he went.  He was so excited to have his Daddy with him. Now Monkey lets show Daddy where your class is.  I’d noticed that the door was already open and his teacher was there welcoming the children. In a flash Monkey was gone, he’d made a big step for a little boy and walked straight into class, without even giving either of us a kiss goodbye.  A backwards glance and smile was all we got.  Amazed, speechless, a tiny bit of feeling that I was redundant but a massive feeling of pride that he’d done it.  He’d walked into class, totally under his own steam for the first time, ever.

Wow!  My friend Z was there to see it all and she turned to give me a hug, she knew just what a biggy this moment was, for Monkey and for me.  Of course Daddy P now wonders what all the fuss was about.  Typical.

There were lots of hugs after school and a special ice cream treat for tea for being so brave and striking out by himself.

Could this marvel be repeated?  It was back to just me and Monkey yesterday morning. We still have the morning ritual of not wanting to go to school at all, I fear this will be the start of every school morning.  But once out the door, Monkey is normally quite talkative all the way to school, although get him to talk to anyone he knows – not a chance.  But anyway, we got there, the door was already opened and his teacher was there. Only difference today was that another Mum was talking to her.  Monkey let go of my hand, walked into class and then realised that neither Mummy or his teacher were with him and he was out again in a flash.  Ok, don’t worry, it’s fine, shall we wait and you can say hello to your teacher when she’s stopped talking.  Once her conversation was finished, she turned, took Monkey by the hand and he was off, no fuss.

He may not have totally perfected the art of walking into class by himself, but his taken bigger steps than at any time in the last 3 years, so I’ll take that.  I know he can do it, he knows he can do it. Hopefully with every day, that step will be come more confident and one day maybe it will be a determined stride.  We will see.  I’m proud of him for just taking that first little step.


7 thoughts on “A big step for a little boy

  1. so pleased he has made such a big step, and it makes such a difference to see them go into school without tears. I hope this continues for the rest of the year, what a difference a teacher can make. 🙂

  2. This is amazing! Well done to your little dude! And well done to you. If it wasn’t for your constant encouragement and support he wouldn’t be taking these steps. Kudos mama! #SSAmazingAchievement

  3. I’m so glad that he had started to make the jump to go into his class by himself. It can be so emotionally draining when you know it is going to be a struggle. I really hope this is continuing for you.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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