A bit of my Granny

A bit of my Granny

This week’s Magic Moment post is all about having a bit of my Granny.  I never met my Dad’s Mum, sadly she passed away a week before his 21st birthday, so my Mum never got to meet her either.  I’d never even seen a photo of her until my parents were preparing for their move to Spain 9 years ago.  I don’t know why I’d never discussed her with my Dad, he’s not a big talker about his family, so I guess I just left well alone.

Anyway, when they made the decision that they were going to emigrate my Dad gave me my Granny’s only existing photo album – so I finally got to see her! and a little box containing a few pieces of jewellery.  There was a watch that didn’t work, a couple of old brooches with bits missing, a Brownie badge and two rings – both with stones missing.  Even if things were broken, it was just nice to hold things that had once belonged to her, nice to have a bit of my Granny.

Every so often I’d look in the little box and wonder if I could get the rings repaired, I didn’t have any of the missing stones so presumed it wasn’t possible.  Anyway, years pass by, and my SIL mentioned that she’d had a brooch repaired with missing stones.  I wondered, and then life moved on and the rings remained in their little box.

Finally I remember to pop into the jewellers and ask them if it would be possible to replace the stones, yes, we do it all the time, bring them in and we’ll give you a quote.  So I did, I finally picked the rings out of their little box and took them to the jewellers.  They rang a few days later and gave me the quote, quick intake of breathe.  Ok, I’ll have a think.  So I’m not working, but these rings are priceless to me, do I take the money out of my ISA and actually get to wear the rings or do they go back into their sad little box.

I’m not too sure that Daddy P is happy with the decision I came too, it’s frivolous, but it’s my own money, all I have left of my independence, and I bit the bullet and gave the jewellers the go ahead to replace the stones, repair them and resize them so I could wear them.

I picked them up last week, I don’t regret a single penny I spent.  I’ve been quite emotional about being able to actually wear a bit of my Granny.  I’m going back to the jeweller so I can find out the age of each ring, I don’t think they are really old, but I’d love to know if Granny had the rings before she met my Granddad or not.  Any information would be lovely as my Dad knows nothing about them.  They’ve sat in their little box for at least 50 years, but now they are out and being worn again.  I hope my Granny would be pleased to know that her granddaughter is wearing them, enjoying them, treasuring them as much as she must have done.  Maybe one day I’ll have a granddaughter who will love them too?


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13 thoughts on “A bit of my Granny

  1. That’s lovely. I think it’s great to be able to pass on things that have a meaning-they’re priceless.

  2. Aww that’s lovely and they are very pretty rings. Money well spent I say. 🙂 My great Aunt left me one of her rings when she died and I love it, it was her mothers before her so it’s been in the family for a while. I never take it off

  3. What a lovely story. I’m sure your Granny would be thrilled to know that her rings are being worn. I had my grandmother’s engagement ring made into a necklace. I haven’t worn it recently as the clasp is dodgy and needs replacing, but this post has made me realise how much I miss wearing it. I’m going to get myself to the jewellers pronto.

  4. That is so lovely and the rings are beautiful. I have one of my nan’s rings that she left too me but it is far too small so it is just sat in my jewellery box. I think it’s so nice to have that reminder and I’m sure your granny would be delighted you are wearing and enjoying them (even if Daddy P is not!)

  5. This is just lovely – what a wonderful thing to do – and something like this, with the connection and memories is priceless really, and I always think that jewellery was made to be worn and it’s a little sad when it just sits in a box. Lovely post, really made me smile xx

  6. I think it was money well spent, especially if you wear the rings and don’t keep them in a box for special occasions.

    I recently did something different with some rings I inherited. I had a ring from my Dad’s dad and a ring from my godmother / great aunt and I’ve had a pendant made from the two diamonds because I will wear a necklace but not the rings. I’ve got nice pictures of the rings and I intend to do a scrap page showing them individually with a bit of history and then combined in the necklace.

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