A Christening #magicmoments

I’d had an idea for this week’s #MagicMoment but then changed my mind after Sunday.

On Sunday we were invited to the Christening of one of our ‘second generation’ NCT children.  As you’ll know from a previous post, our NCT group is very close and we see each other a lot.  It is rare though, to get all the families together in one place with the Dad’s included.  Today was the first time we’ve achieved it for some time.

The weather was great, the kids behaved brilliantly in church, and we had a big table at the party afterwards so we could sit together.  After the kids had eaten we went for a run around outside.  I just love watching them all; there are now three ‘second generation’ boys to join the mix, ranging from just over 1 year to just over 3 months old.

It’s a joy to watch them all grow up, my sony was so excited to be spending the day with all of his friends; especially Miss B, who he has decided is his best friend.

It’s lovely for the Dad’s to catch up and compare notes, and us Mum’s can relax in good company.

9 thoughts on “A Christening #magicmoments

  1. This is really lovely to hear. Our NCT group is very close too. Just 3.5 weeks between the youngest and the eldest of the seven original babies. And we have four ‘second generation’ babies too ranging from 1yr to just 10 days old!

    I too hope xavier counts his NCT buddies amongst his good friends too 🙂

  2. Bet it’s so nice to still be in touch and so close. I never joined the NCT group near me either time but in some ways wish I had, I’ve heard so many people say how many friends they have made through it.

    1. The kids love each other and us Mum’s have helped each other through some tough times and been there to share a lot of happy times – I would be lost without them. Now we’ve got another 3 little ones too is just wonderful. We are a bit overrun with boys – 7 to 2 girls

  3. How lovely 🙂 I didn’t join the NCT either and sometime wish I had. Although, having now moved half way around the world, I have joined my local moms group! We all need friends that can completely relate to what we’re going through at that moment. #MagicMoments

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