A first visit to Oxford University Parks

A first visit to Oxford University Parks

Considering how close we live to Oxford, I really haven’t explored the city very much.  I keep meaning to take Monkey on one of the open top bus tours so we can both learn a little more about a county city.  A couple of months ago we were there to review Las Iguanas, we’d been to the Natural History Museum and had a little time to kill before our meal.  It was the perfect opportunity for a first visit to Oxford University Parks, on the banks of the River Cherwell.

A first visit to Oxford University Parks

In the middle of a bustling city on a Sunday afternoon we found a little oasis of peace. People playing cricket, chilling on the grass, enjoying a lovely Spring day.

Monkey soon challenged Daddy P to a running race.

A first visit to Oxford University Parks

Run Monkey Run!

A first visit to Oxford University Parks

We all enjoyed just spending a little time enjoying the tranquility of the park.  I’ve no idea why I’ve never been there before.  It’s an ideal spot for a picnic, and one we will have to explore more in the summer holidays.

There were flowers to be spotted at every turn along the pathways.

We walked through the middle of University Parks and headed down to the High Bridge which straddles the River Cherwell.  Monkey had spotted some punts and watched on with interest.

A first visit to Oxford University Parks

I wished I had a longer lens on my camera as we spotted a number of different birds in the trees, from Chaffinch to Robin, Tits and Sparrows.  We stood on the bridge and watched our feathered friends flit from tree to tree.

There was just time for Monkey to pick a Daisy or two before we headed back into the busy streets of Oxford.

A first visit to Oxford University Parks went down well with us all.  It was all too brief and we will definitely be back in the weeks ahead to explore this little hidden treasure.

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15 thoughts on “A first visit to Oxford University Parks

  1. It’s crazy isn’t it: sometimes those areas so close to us remain undiscovered for so long. We’re guilty of exactly the same thing and, like you, I’ve no idea why. The park looks beautiful and peaceful and I’m sure you’ll now make it a regular destination.
    Potty Adventures

  2. This is what I actually love about UK that even on your busiest cities you have a lot of open space for people to explore. In my country we dont have parks in the cities.

    And this park looks so lovely to visit! So many space to run around =)


  3. We live in the Lake District and this summer I do plan to take the kids out for some days around our local area because we simply don’t explore it enough.

  4. My childhood memories of Oxford all revolve around shopping and eating, I really had no idea these lovely parks were lurking too. they look stacked with interesting wildlife in summer and so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. What a lovely way to spend time in the city.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  5. Looks like nice place to have a wander, who would have thought that there’s this beautiful place tucked in there. Lovely photos too. x

  6. Oxford University Parks are so beautiful! I’ve just graduated from St.Hilda’s College Oxford (and recently done a blogpost on my bizarre graduation ceremony from Oxford on my blog). So sad to be leaving but so lucky to have spent such a long time in this beautiful city! http://www.theyoproedit.com

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