A new day

A new day

This weeks The Theme Game topic is new, and as I’ve recently talked about my new handbag,  I thought I’d write about something else today. I’m not particularly good at getting up in the morning, I always snooze the alarm for 10 minutes.  Then gingerly stick my foot out of the bed, is it cold?  If I’m lucky, it doesn’t get attacked by a hungry Brewster wanting his breakfast! I’ve been trying to appreciate the little things more lately, and actually a new day is a wonderful thing.  A new day is a clean slate, a beginning of a new journey, a new adventure.

A new dayYes, there is some sort of structure to each day, the alarm goes off, I get up, washed and dressed, feed a hungry cat, wake a tired Monkey.  Breakfast and then the stress joy of getting him dressed for Nursery School.

But what will happen for the rest of a new day?  What adventures will Monkey have at school?  In fact, what will we discover on our scoot to school?  Fog was the main thing this morning!  They’ve been having a new Pirate Ship climbing frame installed, will they all get their first try today?  Another new adventure on the high sea maybe?

When Monkey get’s home from school he always asks me ‘Mummy what are we doing today?’  Some days I have activities and excursions planned, play dates and so on.  Other days, like today, I have no plans, no clear ideas.  But I’m sure we’ll come up with something between us.  Maybe we’ll be trying a new cake recipe?

We always read a heap of books at bedtime, Monkey loves books as much as I do.  We travel on a new expedition every night – to foreign lands, with strange animals or drive in fast cars or bump around a farm in our tractor.  Tonight we have some new books to read, somewhere different to explore.

A new day can bring all sorts of challenges, we are certainly having a few at dinner times.  But, I’ve realised that I have the most amazingly, wonderful human being of a son.  He surprises me every day, and I need to just look at every new day as a wonderful opportunity to enjoy.  To savour every moment, every surprise.

Yesterday Monkey enjoyed being in a soft play centre, REALLY enjoyed it, went up to the top level with his friend Mr B AND went down the slide, WITHOUT me.  Yesterday was just going to be a playdate with an old friend, but in reality it was the most wonderful experience. Watching my son challenging himself, trying something new, with one of his best buddies.  Seeing him trust his friend, working together, planning things out and seeing it through.  Yesterday was wonderful, today is a new day, and I’m betting it will be just as wonderful, different, but amazing.

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27 thoughts on “A new day

  1. A lovely post. Every day is just so full of new possibilities, and when you’ve little ones with you, I think that becomes even more apparent. And how brilliant of Monkey being so confident like that at soft play?! It sounds like his confidence is just going from strength to strength every week – wonderful. Thanks for joining in with #TheThemeGame x

  2. What a lovey way to look at your day – I think I get too caught up with the day to day routine and activities sometimes xx #TheThemeGame

  3. How lovely-you echo my thoughts pretty much too. Really enjoyed reading and I always admire your capacity for having activities on hand. Luckily our cat prefers to nibble my husbands toes, not mine in the morning (usually around 5am!) 🙂

  4. Sorry, should have said thank you for linking up and well done on your chart position 🙂 #TheThemeGame

  5. Oh its so lovely to see their little faces in the morning! My 18 month old is so super confident in soft plays – of course I never would have taken his older brother there at that age but with an older sibling he just sees it as the norm and goes off climbing up three levels and leaping with gay abandon down twisty slides! And his brother is surprising me with the way he is soaking up knowledge even at age four! You’re right each day is packed with ‘new’!

  6. I do think it’s incredible seeing your little one trying things for the first time, pushing themselves to their limit and beyond. We could learn so much from them!

  7. What a lovely way to approach each new day. I am also with you on the snooze button, I am the Snoozemaster! x Mel #TheThemeGame

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