Fresh Fruit muffins, Sainsburys recipe

A rainy morning making cakes

We spent a rainy morning making cakes earlier in the week.  My son loves ‘helping’ whenever I bake and he was in one of those moods first thing this morning – where only blackmail was going to save the day and my sanity!

We’d popped into town the day before and I’d picked up a card in Sainsbury’s showing a recipe for Fresh Fruit Cupcakes – looked interesting.  The fresh fruit in question were nectarines and raspberries – both of which we had, and both which needed eating.

So, I proposed to him that we would do some baking, total and immediate mood change – and a yes, yes, yes please Mummy – I want to help you!

The Sainsburys recipe card used a pre-made sponge mix, but as I have all of the necessary ingredients in my cupboards at all times for cake making, I made up my normal cake mixture and added chopped nectarines and whole raspberries.  He was in charge of beating the eggs and stirring in the fruit!

Fresh Fruit muffins, Sainsburys recipe, A rainy morning making cakes

He was so helpful and enjoyed the experience so much, it was lovely.  We put the muffins in the oven and waited 25 minutes until they were ready.  He watched from a distance when I took them out of the oven – smelled good!

We obviously needed to taste them later in the day for a quality control check – yum, yum, yum!!

My Magic Moment for this week – My little boy helping me to bake 🙂

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  1. I LOVE baking with my two, nothing better 🙂 Those muffins look great, and I’m wondering if I have any nectarines left so we can make them today!! #magicmoments

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