A roller coaster week of parenting

A roller coaster week of parenting

Life is never dull with my now nine-year old son.  There are highs and lows, as I guess there are with all kids.  At this time of year he’s generally just shattered and over excited with his birthday and then the whole idea of Christmas.  It’s not always easy to keep up with his emotions as we navigate our way to the end of term.  It’s been a roller coaster week of parenting here this week.

On Monday we had the Cubs Christmas Party.  A go-karting party being held in a village hall.  You might remember me saying earlier in the year that I’d paid for him to go, but if he decided he didn’t want to get in the go-kart it was fine.  I just wanted him to have the opportunity, if he decided he could try it.  I didn’t really expect him to change his stance on the whole thing, but I’ll never stop leading him to the water, even if he decided not to drink.  He did amaze me by how easily he left my side at drop off time.  A new hall, totally different to the norm, in the dark.  I was totally expecting to end up having to stay.  But we arrived, walked in the door, and before I knew it he’d given me a hug and a kiss and said goodbye and walked over to the Cubs that were already there.  That never happens.  Ever.  Wow.  Perhaps he would try go-karting after all.

Photos and videos started to appear on our Cubs Facebook page, but my son wasn’t in any of them.  I arrived to pick him up, he’d had a good time, had played some games, won some chocolate, but hadn’t wanted to go-kart.  Ok.  Never mind.  He’d gone and stayed and watched.  Take the positives at the start of a roller coaster week of parenting.  One day he’ll have the confidence to try new things, to try this, just not today.

Wednesday saw us go to his school carol concert.  Another first for him really as children from years 3 through to 6 performed to parents in the playground.  Last year it had just been year 3 and 4 in the school hall.  So this year there were more parents, but perhaps singing by torchlight gave him a bit of confidence.  We watched as my son and his best friend, children who really hadn’t embraced nativity plays, stood there, singing their hearts out and enjoying themselves.  It was so wonderful to see, after the years of heartache and dread we’ve had before.  A high.

Today I had a meeting with my son’s teacher after school to discuss his progress.  He was put on the SEN register in September and needs additional help with English, Maths and Reading.  It appears that he is not as far behind and both his current teacher and I had been led to believe.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve still got a mountain to climb generally, but hopefully things will improve in the new year when staffing issues have been resolved.  But in one area he’s actually almost a whole year ahead of ‘expectations’.

A roller coaster week of parenting

We’ve never had that.  Ever.  I’ve spent nine years being told that my son is behind with his crawling, walking, talking, reading, writing, maths, social skills.  I know that my son always gets there in the end, but it can be soul-destroying to be constantly told that the most precious thing in your life is always being told he’s not where he needs to be.  It breaks my heart just a little bit more, every time it happens.  For him.  For his future.  To be told that he’s ahead of the game with his comprehension is just wonderful.  I know he has so much going on in his head, so much that he questions and understands.  It’s been a roller coaster week of parenting but I’m feeling hopefully for the months ahead.  My son wants to learn, is engaged and responds well in interventions.  He may well not like doing ‘school things’ at home, but he’s getting there.  Slowly but surely we will get there.


4 thoughts on “A roller coaster week of parenting

  1. Aww! What a week! You must be very proud of your boy. He seems to have really come out of his shell over the last year.
    For years and years we have been told similar about my youngest. She’s behind and it is so hard to hear but now, she’s starting to catch up. Hooray! x

  2. It must be so hard to constantly hear that your son is behind – and right from that word go too! How amazing that he’s so far ahead in comprehension. That’s something that a lot of kids, even very bright kids, struggle with. Well done to him for really embracing the carol concert!

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