A week to forget

This has not been a good week:

Monday – poorly Monkey

Tuesday – funeral of my best friend’s father, his death was sudden and a great shock to all

Wednesday – poorly Monkey again

Thursday – hearing that a little 2-year-old girl has been found dead.  I know the Mum.  I’m finding it hard to believe that she could possible be involved, but why disappear?

Friday – I’ve lost the only key to our garage, so at the moment I can’t reach the freezer full of food, the wheelie bins, the ladder so we can pack some stuff up in the loft or any of Monkey’s garden toys.  I am in the dog house with husband and son.

This week has re-affirmed just how much I love my own Dad, I am willing him to live forever (impossible I know) but another 20 healthy years please, how much I miss my lively little Monkey when he is feeling poorly, and how I would do anything in the world to protect him and keep him safe, and also that you should always have a SPARE blooming key for everything!!!!

Please don’t rain tomorrow – Monkey and I have an appointment with Tractor Ted at Millets Farm.

3 thoughts on “A week to forget

  1. hope your monkes feels better soon. with you on your Dad, it doesn’t bear thinking about, so hard! xxxxxx

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