Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons

As regular readers of the blog will know, I have a bit of an issue with water.  It’s not as bad as it used to be, in the days where I couldn’t even use a fixed shower head.  But it still needs improvement.  I’ve been really keen for my son not to share my fear of water, hence his swimming lessons.  He loves it, he’s a fish.  We went to the pool by ourselves the Saturday before last, the kid’s pool was full, we were sent to the big pool.  I coped, just.  My son was teaching me to put my ears in the water.  I realised that it was time for me to take the plunge and have adult swimming lessons.

Eek! I did learn to swim exactly 20 years ago.  I remember the day I got my 10 metres certificate.  I was so proud.  I had achieved so much.  But, although I am not totally terrified of the water, I’ve really lost any confidence to get my feet off the bottom of the pool.  I want to be able to help my son as he starts his swimming journey.  At the moment, I’m a hindrance.  I can’t even blow bubbles in the water, he can.

It’s time to be big, brave and start adult swimming lessons.  I did enquire about them when my son had his lesson last week.  They took my number, and sod’s law they rang while we were in London on Friday afternoon.

So, today I will be ringing them back, arranging adult swimming lessons. So this week’s magic moment is about a nearly 46-year-old Mum trying to be as brave as her 4-year-old son.  It’s going to be an emotional journey I’m sure.  Watch this space for my big splash!

ps.  Nina if you are reading this, thank you for getting me back in the pool when my son was a baby, without you being there then, I would NEVER have made the call x




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36 thoughts on “Adult Swimming Lessons

  1. Well done you!! I’m not a keen swimmer and tend to let daddy take the children swimming but fortunately both children love it. You’ll be swimming again in no time with those lessons!

  2. Good luck on your swimming lessons and congratulations on finally conquering your fear of the water 🙂 #MagicMoments.

  3. Well done Mary. I think it’s so important not to let children pick up on things like anxiety about the water. I’m a strong swimmer, but my husband is a poor one, so like you he’s always tried hard to encourage H without showing his fear.

  4. How brilliant. You should be very proud of yourself for giving it a go (and I hope you are), facing fears is no easy thing. Best of luck with it x

  5. Wow – good for you! I can swim but I’m not all that keen on it. I need to get lessons for JJ too I think…

  6. Well done to you for conquering your fear! It is amazing what the love we feel for our children can make us achieve, isn’t it? x Mel #MagicMoments

  7. That is fantastic that you have rung to enquire – I can’t wait to hear about the 1st lesson! #MagicMoments

  8. I’ve written about swimming before on my blog too – I can’t swim and Daddy Moo is a qualified swim teacher!
    All 3 moo’s have had swimming lessons but at their own pace and interest levels – so Olive goes weekly as she adores it and Moo does intensive courses during the school holidays. But lately I too have been considering adult lessons I’d love to achieve my 10m badge! I think I’d struggle with one metre!
    Good Luck lovely

    1. Thank you. I did get my 10 metre certificate exactly 20 years ago and I remember being so thrilled but that was in a kids pool. My mistake was not going every week and not graduating to a normal pool. I’m scared already, but the lessons are now booked from 14th March, going right back to the beginning as I have lost any confidence I once had.

  9. Good luck with it. No going back. you’ll be fine – and at least you’ve got something to aim for rather than having it forced on you. (I only wrote a post last week about adults who aren’t keen taking their kids swimming, so good timing)

  10. Best of luck and fair play to you for taking the plunge!!One of my dad’s great regrets is not having learned to swim. He’s 66 now so unlikely that he’ll ever learn but you never know!

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