Aids to help elderly relatives – Advert

Aids to help elderly relatives – Advert

disclosure: this is a paid post

I was recently commissioned by Mobility Plus to write this article. I’m fifty one, my parents are both in their seventies, as is my Uncle, and I have an Auntie in her eighties and a Great Auntie edging ever closer to one hundred. In my head all of them are fifty or sixty, but then I realise that actually I’m not eighteen anymore myself.  We’re all getting older and a couple of my relatives are getting a little frail.  It’s hard to watch someone you’ve always seen as sprightly and fiercely independent, need to ask for help.  Aids to help elderly relatives is something that’s been on my mind recently.

Aids to help elderly relatives

I have very strong-minded relatives, and apart from my parents, they all live alone, and none of them live anywhere near to me.  You suddenly realise how constricting a home can be when mobility starts to become an issue. Whether it be the supposedly simple task of navigating a front door step, or getting in and out of the bath.  Life can suddenly become isolating and tricky to cope with.

We take so much for granted, especially within our own homes.  I’ve very recently seen how difficult life can become when the dexterity that’s been taken for granted is no longer there.  When picking up spilt sugar cubes from the floor becomes a logistical nightmare. When laundry mounts up because it’s impossible to handle heavy loads of washing.  It’s hard for me as a relative to witness, even harder for the relative to come to terms with themselves.

Mobility Plus offer a range of baths, walk in showers and wet room solutions to work with the specific needs of each client. I’d like my relative to be able to bath in safety and know that they can easily get themselves in and out of the bath, rather than seeing this every day appliance as an obstacle course.  It’s not nice to think of someone you care about not being able to make use of their own home in the way they’ve been accustomed to, and in the way that you take for granted.  I love a long soak in my bath, and seeing that someone is no longer able to enjoy that for themselves is hard to witness.

I’m all for looking at aids to help elderly relatives, from personal alarms to easy to use phones with large buttons, kitchen aids and washing facilities.  It’s key to people retaining their independence and helps with their general mental well being.

My father-in-law lived until he was ninety-one, and although his mobility was very limited in his later years, he was adamant he was staying at home so his family had lots of aids put in place to make that possible.  Being in his own home meant so much to him and I’m glad he got to live out his days in familiar surroundings with aids to make that possible.

Have you got relatives in need of assistance?

disclosure: this is a paid post, and I was commissioned to provide my own thoughts on the subject.

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