Airbus Defence and Space Planetarium in Winchester: Essential Things to Know

Airbus Defence and Space Planetarium in Winchester: Essential Things to Know

Going to the planetarium can be an amazing thing to do with your family. Just think about it: you are sitting in your seat with a 360° cinema screen above your eyes. That screen really surrounds the people in that room, and makes everyone in the room involved. You can make an expedition through the Solar System, get into a black hole or, there’s more, get to know the human body. This is an amazing experience for everyone. At least once in your life you should go to a space planetarium.

Airbus Defence and Space Planetarium in Winchester: Essential Things to Know

Two show formats

There are two show formats which you can enjoy in the indoor planetarium projector:

Fulldome films 

These are HD pre-recorded films. They are usually created by animation because it’s hard to work with live action when it comes to this format. The costs of the production of these can come to over a million pounds.

There are many topics which you can choose from, including the human body and the Solar System. The films are between 20 to 45 minutes long.

Live, presenter-led shows

This one happens when there’s a presenter that guides you into the tour of space – you’ll be presented a 3D virtual model of the Universe, in the 360° format, of course. The planetarium will be your flight simulator.

The topics from which you can choose from are about the night sky seen from Earth and trips to the Solar System.

Chatterbox shows

These are some special showings in which people can chat. This is the perfect thing for young children, as they can ask questions and find out things about our universe easily.

It’s good to keep in mind that, for the rest of the shows, you are asked to listen quietly and you may be asked to leave if you don’t respect that rule.

The shows are advertised about two weeks ahead, or even in advance, if we’re talking about special showings.

In the day

Usually, the planetarium comes with two public shows every school-day in the afternoon. It also comes with showings every hour on weekends and during holiday times. But there may be some cases in which the planetarium has private bookings – usually on school days. The availability for these can be found out a couple of weeks ahead. This is a great way to get a clear timetable.

In the night

In the night, adults’ After Dark events happen. And after each month’s Space Lecture, there are also short films.

Special events

These can mean poetry, storytelling, theatre, even live music. Sometimes, a new indoor planetarium projector show may happen.

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