All about me!

All about me!

All About Me

Some months ago, the love Sara at mumturnedmom tagged me in her All About Me meme post, and because I’ve been totally useless I’ve not replied before – slapping wrist whilst typing!

So here are some snippets about me:

1. Tell us your name and what you do…
I’m Mary and I’m a stay at home Mum. Up until 4 years ago I worked for 20 years in Export Sales / Business Development / Shipping for various companies.

2. I live at home with…
My Monkey 4 year old son Monkey, our cat Brewster and with Daddy P (a workaholic!)

3. My favourite thing to do is…
I love Formula One, Ferrari is my team of choice, I love reading, would love to cross stitch – just never manage to fit it in these days.  I know, that’s more than one thing – I’m cheating!

4. My favourite thing to eat is…
Oh gosh – just one thing …. eek. Not sure I have a favourite main meal, I like so many.  For pudding it would have to be Tiramisu – adore it.

5. When I get cross I…
I shout and stomp! Also I’m rather hormonal, so have been known to cry when angry – which is very annoying.

6. Sometimes I worry because…
That’s who I am.  I blame my Mother, I am her daughter and worrying is what we do best.

7. My favourite book is…
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

8. My favourite toy is …
My SatNav – I have zero sense of direction.  It is my saviour.

9. I dislike…
Custard, liver, bad time keeping, dog owners who don’t clean up after their dogs, prejudice and injustice, oranges and anything citrus other than a slice of lime in a G&T!

10. When I grow up I want to be…
God, I’ve never known what I want to be!  Content, healthy, a time traveller. I’d really love to spend time researching people’s family trees – something I find fascinating.

The lovely Meredith over at Ponder the Irrelevant, recently nominated me for my second Liebster award – how lucky am I! So I thought I would answer a few of her questions in this post too.

1. Where is your dream vacation destination?
Easy, Thailand – love it there.  If I had to pick somewhere I’ve not been to – then Switzerland, I have family there I’ve never visited and my Papa loved it there.  Want to have a ‘Heidi’ experience!!

2. Do you prefer movies or books?
Tough one, I love books, think that’s fairly obvious.  I do love films too, but normally not ones that have been adapted from a novel.  Rarely live up to expectations – but I did love the LOTR films

3. When is your favorite time of day?
When I pick Monkey up from Nursery School, I love seeing his face as he runs towards me – priceless, love!

So there you go, all about me – well a little bit of me anyway.  Time to pass the baton on, I’d love to learn more about these ladies and would love them to answer the top 10 questions from this post …..

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Over 40 and a Mum to One

A Mum with a 13 year old son, enjoying life and having fun as my son travels through school life. We love to get outdoors whenever possible and make the most of the world around us. We have a cat called Brewster who makes appearances and I’m a mad Ferrari Formula 1 fan, so that expect to hear about as each season unfolds. We love reviewing days out, toys, games and books and would love the opportunity to look at anything that fits in with our family lifestyle. We are always out and about and offering an insight on the places we visit, with a passion for nature thrown in for good measure. If you like what you read please leave me a comment, I love to hear from people, and always try to reply. Enjoy the read.

12 thoughts on “All about me!

  1. Love it! Yes, I too am rather elaborate? when I get cross. And then I tell the children not to be so dramatic when they have a strop. Ooops!

  2. Thanks so much for the tag.

    Who doesn’t like custard?! My life would be very sad without custard in it 🙂 x

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