Starting in Nursery class

All grown up

So my little boy started at Nursery School today.  No big deal right?  After all, he’d been at his old pre-school since last September.  What was I getting all emotional about? Getting him ready this morning, seeing him in proper, grown-up trousers for the first time – eek, he was all grown up.  Suddenly no longer my baby, I know he’s not BEEN a baby for a long time, but you know what I mean.  Who was this little chap standing in front of me?  A little boy who will be 4 years old at the end of the year, a little boy who doesn’t like wearing black socks apparently.

He didn’t want his photo taken either, NO Mummy!  Please, we need to email a photo to Granny, don’t we?  Um, quickly then Mummy. One little boy all grown up!

Growing up, All grown up

growing up, All grown up

growing up, All grown up

So off to Nursery, we went, chatting all the way.  I was thinking, um, so far so good.  We got to the school gates and you could feel him tensing up – lots of people he didn’t know, lots of chatter, we walked around to the Nursery entrance, quieter, better.  He was holding on tightly to my hand but seemed ok.  We were told to find his coat peg and that would tell us if he was an Apple or an Acorn, and that would tell us his key worker and where to sit.  He is in the Apple group – how apt for anyone who knows what Daddy does for a living!

While his teacher Mrs H was shepherding children and parents around, we went to find Mrs W, the keyworker for the Apple group, we found her and the children all had a little mat to sit on in a circle.  No, I’m not sitting down, no I’m not letting go of my Mummy.  Ok, we’d taken in his holiday bag full of summer memento’s, thankfully Mrs W had spotted him gripping the bag tightly.  Will you hold my hand and show me what you’ve got in your bag?  Uum, maybe …. We finally transferred him from my hand to Mrs W’s hand, I gave him a kiss, see you in a little bit, and walked to the door.  He was not happy but he wasn’t crying.  The best start I could hope for.

Three hours later I join the group of anxious Mum’s.  Have our kids been crying for the whole three hours?  Have they enjoyed themselves?  Has he remembered to tell someone he needs the toilet?  Is his white polo shirt in any way still white?

As the children emerged one by one, some cried as soon as they saw Mum, some were very quiet, he ran out, face beaming – Mummy!  What did you do this morning – nothing! Did you have a good time – No! Uum, ok.  When we got home, Mummy I’m thirsty – ok, you know where your water bottle is.  Didn’t you have a drink at snack time – No!  ok, need to check on that, as he proceeded to down almost an entire water bottle in one go.

Mummy, where are we going tomorrow? You are going to Nursery School again, I’m not!  Oh dear… I wonder what joys await us in the morning…  I fear tomorrow will bring tears …. we’ll wait and see.

9 thoughts on “All grown up

  1. awww, it’s never easy for them starting in a new place, or for us to see them go! hopefully he will settle in really well though in his own time

  2. Oh, bless! My smallest loved pre-school from the start because her big sister was in reception when she started (aged 3 & 2 days – as soon as she was allowed!) so they were together for a little while. But the answer to the “what did you do today” question was always “Nuffin!” It’s her fourth day of ‘big school’ (reception) tomorrow and now I get excited chattering of all she’s done and every song sung… I expect it to last a week and then it will be “Nuffin” again 😉

      1. Heehee! There were coloured splodges on DG’s dress so I said “Did you paint?” “No” she says, and I continued for a bit until eventually pointing out the marks on her dress: “It’s not paint, it’s chalk!” That told me then 😉

  3. He looks so Smart and Grown Up. It’s always a bit of a testing time when everything is so new. I remember it now when I was in the same situation as a child. Always a bit Scary!!

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