The Alphabet Photography Project A is for Artistic

The Alphabet Photography Project A is for Artistic #alphabetphoto

Week 1 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project for 2015, I’ve missed this project and the challenge of finding a photo to fit each week.  I was so pleased when Charly said she’d be starting this linky up again in 2015.  So here we go – The Alphabet Photography Project A is for Artistic.

The Alphabet Photography Project A is for Artistic

Monkey loves arts and crafts, we don’t do enough of it at home these days.  This is largely due to him being so tired when he gets in from school and then us having busy weekends.

This little boy, like most of his age, is obsessed with dinosaurs.  I saw a craft kit in Sainsburys a while back – make your own dinosaur badges and fridge magnets.  It was purchased and kept in safe place for Monkey’s birthday.  Once he’d unwrapped it I knew it wouldn’t be long before he wanted to set to work.  It was our first plaster of paris experience but it went well.  The set comes with 6 moulds, 6 badge pins and 6 small magnet strips.  Monkey had great fun filling the moulds and was full of wonderment once they’d set and we peeled the finished dinosaurs out.

He wasn’t bothered about making badges, and decided he’d like some fridge magnets.  We tried to get the magnetic strips to stick, but only 1 out of 6 did – not sure what we did wrong on that.  I thought we might have tears, but he didn’t mind, I can keep them on display in my bedroom Mummy – phew!

Then it was down to the serious business of painting his dinosaurs.  There was a great deal of deliberation over colours for each of them.  I loved watching him mix colours with a purpose and taking his time to get exactly the desired effect.  Rather than a manic frenzy to splash on any old colour in any old fashion, he took his time.

This photo just sums up the concentration he gave to this project.  My artistic son enjoying himself, painting dinosaurs.

I love this artistic side of him that’s starting to really emerge. His drawing’s are starting to look like pictures rather than scrawling.  Yes, I’m sure most children his age have been drawing pictures with details for ages but as with everything, Monkey takes his time.

This year I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Artistic Monkey and I look forward to seeing his efforts.

15 thoughts on “The Alphabet Photography Project A is for Artistic #alphabetphoto

  1. Ah the concentration. Great when they spend lots of time, rather than rushing it. We were looking through photos last week and realised that we don’t make as much as we used to. I think they are doing more drawing as they grow older. They all seem to quietly grow artistical-wise. In their own way. #AlphabetPhoto

  2. Super photo – love the concentration! It’s great when they get creative isn’t it?! x #alphabetphoto

  3. Grace says – Great photo. Love the concentration in his face. This is an awesome start to the #alphabet photo xx

  4. He really is loving his arts and crafts isn’t he – love the concentration on his face, just lovely! POD enjoys it too, does a lot at pre-school – hopefully more at home too once I’m not schlepping up to London. Fabulous photo, thank you so much for sharing and joining in #alphabetphoto

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